Cassidy Gunter

Volunteer: Cassidy Gunter


24 years old. From San Francisco Bay Area. 

Living in Monkey River Village, Belize. 

150 people in village.   (Rural.) 

Job Title: Teacher Trainer & Preschool Teacher.

2010 - 2012

Contributions from Cassidy Gunter

  1. Belize babies!

    Babysitting Baby Elton for the day.

  2. Belize Men's Yoga Class

    The men were jealous that I do Yoga class for the women, so I started a Men's Yoga Class after they play football.  Namaste! (Monkey River Village, Belize.) 

  3. Belize Village living

    A typical Sunday afternoon in the village.  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  4. Belize Amber

    One of my students, Amber.  The beauty of her spirit is reflected in her eyes. :)  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  5. Belize My host brother!

    Having fun with my host brother, Kerkland. 

  6. Belize hanging out

    Kriol BBQ 

  7. Belize Fun with my Host Brother

    Riding bikes around Dangriga, Belize with my host brother and Heather, another PCV.  

  8. Belize I adore my students!

    Ismael is toooo adorable. Every morning he comes running to me saying, "Miss! Miss! Gud maning Miss! I pick you a flowa!" (and proceeds to give me a flower.) Today he said, "Miss, ah wan a jress to wear lik u, an a pretti jewls!"

  9. Belize Iguana Hunters

    Hanging out with the neighborhood boys after they hunted Iguana for their dinner.  (Dangriga, Belize)

  10. Belize Christmas party

    This is the preschool, infant 1 and Infant 2 Christmas party. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.