Andrea Taylor

Volunteer: Andrea Taylor


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2005 - 2007

Contributions from Andrea Taylor

  1. Guyana Barefooted Rodeo

    Cowboys participate in a rodeo barefooted every Easter in the Rupunni

  2. Guyana Cashews

    Fruit that smells like a rose, soft and white inside like a pear. Yummy

  3. Guyana Tough Stuff

    Freckles, host puppy and guard dog by day and night.  

  4. Guyana Enjoying the sunset

    Sometimes a cat knows the best way to live. 

  5. Guyana Loving neighborhood friend.

    Good thing these are not man eating. Encountering one of these in the air when you are walking is like trying to dodge a huge bullet. 

  6. Guyana Beware of dem holes in da bridge

    Road shut down for hours.... expect some major delays 

  7. Guyana Ital

    Ital- Rastafarian cuisine which is exclusively vegatarian. This is a basic cook up of extra vegetables all cooked together and placed in an open calabash shell which is something much like a gourd. 

  8. Guyana Please for some fruit

    Local markets hang their food in stalls to sell on the street

  9. Guyana Full of Smiles

    Guyanese children always ready to take a break to pose for the camera.

  10. Guyana True Guyanese...

    Never shy to greet new people. 

  11. Guyana Mixing the old with the new

    Older women traditionally dress in their best dresses while shopping in the chaos of the market. Everything is done the old fashion way, yet ironically an internet address is painted on the building. 

  12. Guyana Jhandi Ceremony

    Hindu Ceremony

  13. Guyana Dawali Motorcade

    Guyanese celebration of Dawali in the capital 

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