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2007 - 2010

Contributions from Barbara Aishton

  1. Jamaica Something New for Health Education Officers

    In July of 2007, these Jamaican Ministry of Health Officers were using overhead projectors with transparencies so low in contrast that they were barely legible. New to multi-media projectors and power points, they quickly learned the skills necessary to use this equipment for training. Highly motivated, they formed a Community Based Organization of Ministry of Education Basic School Educators, created Step Up Now and began fund raising to acquire equipment. When I left the area in 2009, SUN h...

  2. Jamaica Dream in Progress

    On 7 December 2008, Jordan Frazier interviewed Donald Ellis. Mr. Frazier is twenty-something and Mr. Ellis is 90-something. They exchanged information and opinions for nearly 3 hours. Jordan learned a great deal about the history of Ewarton and Donald had an attentive audience. They exchanged information and laughed at their different experiences. So what? Challenged from birth, Jordan was one of those special children suffering from the low expectations of surrounding adults. Until Step Up ...

  3. Jamaica Miss Thompson and Mrs. Gordon

    Sonia Thompson and Mrs. Gordon are associates. They are similar in that they both shoulder tremendous burdens. They lean on one another in times of need. They are central in a successful, unofficial community support system. This is a long term, mutually beneficial friendship; one of many I observed while working in Ewarton.  

  4. Jamaica Mother's Day in the Bush

    Making cards for Mother’s Day was new for the Sims Lane Children. The project drew a crowd of ten. They shared ideas, materials and a very small work space. Although different in every other way, all of the cards shared this greeting:  “Thank you, Mom, for the nine months you carried me.” This expression of gratitude with a pre-birth rather than a childhood emphasis was new for me.  

  5. Jamaica Impressed with Our President

    My House Mother in Ewarton, Pearl Harrison, surprised me one morning when she knocked on my door wearing her salute to President Obama. She was thrilled with his victory so a friend visiting the US sent her this teeshirt. I know for a fact that she was glued to her internet access on election night.

  6. Jamaica Everyone is Welcome

    Buru's dog PuPup is nursing her brood. Look closely and you'll see that the puppy on the right is a kitten. Buru raised PuPup himself and carefully watched her nutrition while she was pregnant. He did such a good job of caring for her that she found it completely natural to care for the orphaned kitten.

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