World AIDS Day Initiative Group

In Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, Peace Corps volunteers McKinze Cook, Kelley Gallagher, Kimberly Tramel and Sean Fredericks, along with EVS and Teach-and-Learn-With-Georgia volunteers, worked together to create a peer education initiative group comprised of local teenagers. These young people received a series of trainings about HIV and AIDS, then used that information to design a comprehensive campaign to increase awareness in their community.

On World AIDS Day, December 1, the initiative group took to the streets, schools and internet to educate hundreds of their friends and classmates about HIV and AIDS. The group:

  • distributed 550 red ribbons to classmates and friends
  • decorated and wore World AIDS Day t-shirts all day
  • orchestrated a facebook campaign, wherein all group members posted statistics, information and photos about HIV and AIDS throughout the day
  • gave four presentations (to 200+ people!) at schools and at one university, showing an 18-minute video (developed by Peace Corps’ health committee) about HIV and AIDS
  • held an evening rally at our central park, during which we sang, had a moment of silence and distributed leaflets and extra ribbons
  • participated in our local television channel’s “Dialogue” segment at the end of the nightly news

This video commemorates and celebrates the work these remarkable young leaders accomplished.

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