Creole Corps: A Day in the Life of a Dominican Peace Corps Volunteer

As part of the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary celebration, a group of volunteers serving on Dominica came together to make this video. Every Peace Corps experience is different, but working on a tiny island with a population of only 80,000 people makes our service truly unique. Dominica, known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, is a relatively untouched secret with incredible gifts ranging from from active volcanoes to sprawling landscapes, from sky-high mountains to one of the world's only boiling lakes, plus over 365 rivers. However, the most valuable gifts of all is the kind, generous spirits of the Dominican people. It is a small island, but each community stands apart from each other, offering different cultural embodiments and often speaking different Creole dialects. Because we are so close in proximity, volunteers are often able to collaborate with each other and bring different communities together with our projects, forging ties across the rivers and mountains that used to divide them. You'll definitely fall in love with Dominica after watching this video. Mesi otan!

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