Who Will Stop The Rain?

I was just about to settle onto my bed to watch a movie on my lap top. It was a chilly and rainy night and it seemed like curling up to watch a movie was just the thing to do. As I began get cozy, I happened to look up and notice wet spots on the wall behind my bed. The water was collecting on the wall like beads of sweat and then dripping to the floor. I called Yolanda and Rodolfo's attention to it and they said it was nothing to worry about and suggested I just pull the bed away from the wall so it wouldn't get wet.
I believed them.
They had told me, "It's not serious. Nothing serious will happen, if God doesn't want it to."
But what if God does want it to? Or what if it's not entirely in God's hands? I thought…

Anyway, I took their word for it and settled down onto my bed to watch the movie. It was really nice listening to the rain from beneath a warm blanket. I distinctly remember the lovely aroma of the fresh rain, -it smelled damp and earthy. After a few minutes I decided to grab a little snack. I clicked pause, swung my legs over the side of the bed and fumbled for my sandals. My feet hit the floor with a splash, and I thought, a splash? how strange...
I quickly realized that my entire room was flooded. About 2 inches of water was sprawling out from the wall and reaching almost to the door on the opposite side. The damp and earthy smell indeed turned out to be the rain but in fact it was much closer than I had thought. The lake on the floor was spreading and had already soaked a few items that were in its path. I called to the family and they came to help me move my things outside. I guess there must have been some distress in my voice because the little 6-year-old Miriam kept saying, "Graciela, don't be so afraid, don't let it scare you, it's just water!"

I told her of course I wasn't afraid... It was just a little surprising how quickly the water was coming in. We moved my bed out of the room and the wall where the water was leaking in looked like those peaceful Japanese fountains that people put in their homes. The water poured steadily and silently down the wall like a slick pain of glass. Lower on the wall there was water pouring out... not quite so gracefully. It was flowing through none other than an electrical socket...
Unlike peanut butter and jelly, water and electricity don't go well together and I began to feel nervous about the spreading puddle on the floor. We quickly moved everything off the floor and got most of my belongings out of the room. We moved my bed into the family's room where I would pass the night sleeping with Yolanda, Rodolfo, their six year-old daughter and their 5 month-old baby. It was a cozy arrangement to say the least.
I was very grateful for their help and for offering to let me sleep in their room. When I awoke this morning the sky was still gray but at least the rain had stopped. Yolanda and Rodolfo had swept most of the water out of my room and it appeared to have stopped flowing in through the wall. It's still quite damp but I have to say that the floor has never been cleaner! It practically shines! So I think I will start moving back in there little by little and hope that the rain stops for good.


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