Shat on by a Chicken in a Mango Tree

I've mentioned before that the chickens in my host family's yard like to climb the ladder of the mango tree to chill up there all evening/night. So the other night, while unsuspectingly walking back from the latrine, I was struck by what felt like a falling baggie of water – which would not be entirely surprising, considering sometimes they have water fights here with baggies of water en vez de (instead of) balloons. To my dismay however, it was not one of the local kids hanging out in the tree wanting to play a game.

I unfortunately reacted to the warm, yet cold; wet, yet solid, assault on my hair/face/arm/shirt/pride audibly enough for my host sister who was filling her water bucket to notice what had happened. As soon as she saw my look of shock and confusion, she hurried to my side. Within seconds we were both laughing so hard, that my host nephew, brother, and other sister came out to see what was going on. Once I got into the light, we could see the brownish liquid running down my hairline, forehead, glasses, and shoulder. As if that wasn't bad enough, the shall we say “solid portion” of poo landed nicely on the shirt I was planning to wear to the fireworks that night.

Had this been during my first month or so with the family, I know they would have been appalled and apologetic and worried about my reaction to such a thing, but since I lived with them for my three months of training, and I'm completely a part of the family now, they felt no shame in flat out laughing at my misfortune while helping me clean up. Hahaha I can't even write about it now without literally laughing out loud.

In other news...with my breakfast the next morning, I drank milk straight from the cow in the backyard. My host sister warmed it up, flavored it with a little coffee and sugar, and it was actually super delicious!

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