Piece of Meat

I eat with my host family for lunch and dinner. I have to say I am a very lucky volunteer, because my family cooks very well. Most meals are served with some meat or fish and at the end my host mother divides it up so every one gets a portion. One day after I finished lunch and gave my blessings of thanks, I walked into my hut to take a multi-vitamin. Seconds later, five-year old, Shaka flies by my door screaming and crying; immiediately I think oh no someone is going to hit him. I walk outside and to my surprise he is chasing a chicken that has a piece of meat in its beak, his portion. Apparently he was holding his meat in his left hand while eating rice with his right, a chicken swooped in and snatched the meat. I look around and a few of the family is laughing, Shaka is still crying chasing after the chicken. After a minute my host mom gives him another piece.

A week later it happens again! Only this time the chicken drops the meat after a few feet. He picks it up and pops it into his mouth. He turns to me, tears still in his eyes and smiles.

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