Loosen the Grip

[Paul has an epiphany of a child.  Lets see what it is....]

The other day my host father grabbed a large handful of hay and brought it close to the house.  The next thing I knew he had lit it on fire and was moving it around with a stick.  Not having lived on a farm before, especially one in foreign country, this seemed a bit strange.  However, I did not have the capability to ask what in the world he was doing.  Watching on in wonder he then grabbed a can of bug spray.  It became clear that this was all done to clear out some of the ants that had made a home near his chickens.  This scenario has become a bit of a routine over the last couple of weeks.  People do, I wonder, it eventually becomes clear.

This is a tried and true lesson that I have known for years and am only beginning to find valuable.  The lesson being wait and see how things work out for themselves before trying to get a grasp of the situation.  Hopefully as my father reads this he has a bit of a chuckle.  Only he knows best my inclination to ask a million questions instead of just sitting back and letting it all happen.  Sorry pops for all the ruined movie scenes due to a “what the heck is going on” question.

[For a list of the other things Paul learns as he grows up slow go to www.duhjustuseyourheadidiot.com.  Other findings include: don't show people how little you actually know,  other people don't like annoying noises as much as you like making them, if it smells weird don't eat it, and my favorite- don't chew your fingernails after scratching your butt]

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