Lessons Learned



1. Always wear a sports bra when riding the bus.

2. Hiking for an hour burns 500 calories.

3. Your dream needs to become a reality when it haunts you like a nightmare.

4. Powdered milk ain't so bad.

5. In Fiji, I am more likely to die from a falling coconut than a shark attack.

6. When traveling to the big city concentrate on the 3 C's ... cheese, chocolate, and cold beer!

7. You know you go to bed too early when your neighbor asks if you have problems with your electricity.

8. Mosquito nets also keep out falling gecko poop.

9. Every time I finish another tube of toothpaste I am closer to coming home.

10. Music is soothing even when you can't understand the lyrics.

11. I really DID hate driving a car.

12. Only female hornets sting.

13. Geckos eat mosquitos and I love them.

14. When there is no such thing as a "store" you tend to use what you have.

15. Some people look for fights because they don't believe in anything worth fighting for.

16. Potential is paralyzed without passion. 

17. When your husband cuts his ear open with a crowbar - the best bandaid is a menstrual pad.

18. Electricity is expensive and rain is important.

19. Saying no is rude, instead you should just say thank you and walk away.

20. Unfortunately tourism exposes inequalities. 

21. During water rationing, we pray for rain but don't have enough faith to bring the umbrella.

22. Christians aren't malnourished, they are constipated.

23. A smile is the best communication in any language.

24. During tsunami warnings, I am more likely to die from a heart-attack while hiking to the top of the island than a wave hitting the bottom.

25. There is never enough room at the table, but always enough food.

26. You eat faster when you have all your teeth.

27. I can change - I'm not who I was but am yet to be who I will be.

28. Hand washing laundry is a good arm-workout.

29. Immersing an item in water will keep it cool for 24 hours.

30. Saving face is apparently more important than telling the truth.

31. A good hammer is worth the money.

32. Flushing a toilet uses 7 liters of water.

33. Ants can't swim.

34. Humidity cuts down on skin lotion costs.

35. It doesn't matter what your watch says when it is Pacific Time.

36. Showing a teacher how to print on both sides can rock their world.

37. If you exercise people will call you fat. If you don't exercise then you will actually get fat and nobody will say anything at all.

38. Your curtains don't have to match, they just need to be obnoxiously colorful.

39. You don't need foil when you have gigantic leaves.

40. Keens are better than Reefs, Chacos better than Keens.

41. Kids need loving attention no matter where they live.

42. I took school for granted.

43. Generosity is not a game where you keep score.

44. Fear is the boundary of your freedom.

45. I thought I was waiting on God, but I think He is waiting on me.

46. It is easy to see God's power in the rain, but hearing that power on your tin roof will make you hit your knees!

47. If you put a bar of soap on the bed the bed bugs will be attracted to it.

48. My happiness is nothing unless it lines up with His holiness.

49. Waterfalls sound like traffic.

50. Hearing is not listening.

51. To be a light unto the world, something in you has to be on fire!

52. It is amazing what you can get done, when you have nothing better to do.

53. It doesn't really matter what you possess but it does matter what you value.

54. I am blessed to own nice things and I must do my best to make sure the nice things don't own me.

55. My house might blow away, but I will always have a place to go home to.

56. I want to be a part of producing not consuming the energy of others.

57. You cannot give what you do not have.

58. Sanctification isn't a spa treatment.

59. It is impossible to go anywhere unless you have a vision of what it will look like when you arrive.

60. Our worth should be measured in what we give away not what we keep.

61. I want to be a bulimic Christian that binges on Sunday and purges Mon-Sat.

62. Sand and sunscreen turn into superglue.

63. Laughter is never lost in translation.

64. I'm not good outside or inside, only in Him.

65. It seems those who have little give more.

66. Kerosene makes a decent nail polish remover.

67. I want to be revolutionary not reactionary which means I need to invest, not spend, my time.

68. I can live on 1 bucket of water a day ... albeit not pleasantly.

69. Yes there are many, many ways to cook rice but none of them taste like cheese.

70. Thankfully, this is as close to hell as I will get.

71. People that always want to go deep are often shallow.

72. I can either worship my money or worship with my money.

73. I'd rather work for meaning rather than money, thus I must work to contribute, not consume.

74. Slavery still exists, it is just usually self imposed.

75. If you leave your house for too long, the bush will overtake it.

76. Salvation is immediate, sanctification is a process.

77. Jesus is my master, not my mascot.

78. My life isn't to focus on my rights, but rather my responsibilities.

79. Leadership is proven, not proclaimed.

80. Time is elastic, days drain slowly but months fly by.

81. I don't want to tip toe through life only to arrive at death safely.

82. I'd rather live Christianity than study it.

83. I am surrounded by unbelieving activists and inactive believers, not sure which is worse.

84. I get asked all the time "How can God allow all of this poverty and hunger?" ....  I'm pretty sure He asks us the same thing.

85. If you think The Church is just a building, then I guess Matt is a 2x4 and I am a cinder block.


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