Just Cliff

In order to promote my volleyball program, Vertical, I started interviewing the participants and put the interviews on my blog called Jump. Here's one story..

what do you want me to call you on Jump?

just cliff.

cliff is a 5th grader at new grounds primary school. he is short and skinny and has had his ears pierced for as long as he can remember. he lives with his aunt and grandmother in new grounds village.

when cliff was a baby, the vincentian government attempted to eradicate ganja farms up in the windward mountains. both of cliff’s parents were killed in a fire set by the government.

what’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

play volleyball with you.

is it hard for you to play volleyball?

yes, sometimes it’s hard to hit the ball.

is anything else hard?

when you make me do pushups.

cliff is one of the best 5th grade volleyball players we have. he is always the first on the court practicing and the last to leave. last week he won ‘best camper’ award, where he got a piece of american candy.

but cliff is unique.

what makes you different from the other students?

i only have one arm.

this was what i considered to be the last sentence of the interview and as i picked up my books to leave the classroom, cliff grabbed my arm and said,

but, miss, i’m not different.

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