Host Mom Dynamo

My best memory of my host-mom is how hard-working and industrious she was. She would be up every morning at dawn or earlier to cook the family breakfast. She had to send her daughter and me off with coffee and a very good meal. After that, she busied herself in her very productive garden for most of the day. She turned the soil, planted, weeded, watered and coaxed an abundance out of her garden. There was nothing she wouldn't tackle. 

In the evening, dinner was a delicious meal. Many times there were homemade pelmeni (a dish like ravioli) or some other treat that had taken her less time than it takes to tell to make. 

She grew beautiful flowers. Spring's garden was replete with tulips, lily-of-the-valley, gladiolus and wild flowers. Her skills were astounding. She even made very good wine.

Great moments, great memories.

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