Christmas Cake!!

My back was acting up and it was bone chilling cold, both, outside and in my Moroccan host family’s home on Christmas day in 2006.  I hadn’t planned on doing anything to celebrate Christmas.  My host family was not home.  I was just hanging out with a hot water bottle and a book when a fellow PCV phoned to say that he was outside in the street---he had something for me.  Andrew (who created lived an hour or two from me and had been in country a year longer than I.  I went outside to see what was up.  I couldn’t invite him in as no one was home and my host family would find it unacceptable to have a man in the house when the husband was not present.

Out on the street, Andrew greeted me with a giant smile and a Yule log cake—wonderful!  I had no idea that such a cake existed in Morocco!  We walked to a truck stop on the outskirts of town—the only place we knew of where we could share the cake and drink coffee without turning heads and damaging my reputation.  The thoughtfulness of this gesture was heart warming.  Andrew is Jewish, we were in Muslim country, and we were celebrating Christmas as a result of his open and generous heart.  Thank you, Andrew for providing and sharing one of my most memorable Christmas’s ever!

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