Camp is Camp the World Around

One of the best experiences I had during my Small Business Development service was shortly after I was assigned to a site near Marrakech.  The Wonderful Unexpected.

A friend in Youth Development co-chaired the spring break English immersion camp near the Algerian border, and asked if I would help.  I got permission from my manager and traveled for two long days and night to get there.  We taught English every morning and had "club" in the afternoons.  Since my Darija (Moroccan Arabic) was poor at best, I was allowed to have the better English-speaking students in my Business Club.  It was a great fit, for the kids and myself, and we had a succeessful week of learning! Education.

I even had some of the boys doing low-impact aerobics with me one morning during the exercise time, and surprised some of them by shooting hoops.  (Age is only a barrier if one allows it to be.) The photo captures my delight when encountering a costumed group welcoming diners to dinner.  Just one of the funny and crazy times during the week.  Joy. 

All the PCVs there worked and played together splendidly, and lifelong relationships were formed.  Friendships.

But best of all was the spirit of "camp" that seems to be universal...the joining of mind and spirit in a brief encounter that lasts a lifetime...where judgmentalism is set aside and acceptance in the norm.  Peace.

It's what being a PCV is all about.

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