The McEwen Photographic Studio

Chambers initiated and implemented this photographic studio for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa), and its namesake is a tribute to Frank McEwen [*], the Gallery's first Director, and in recognition of his Workshop School activities for African artists during the 1950s and 1960s. His (McEwen's) insight to nurture (then) exceptional talent through a rediscovered medium ... sculpting in stone ... is now reflected through international recognition of this contemporary art form. The introduction of the medium of photography into the Gallery's Art School (sponsored by BAT Ltd.) nurtured ... over a three-year period (1993-1995) ... the exceptional talent by African artists (school leavers) to grasp the medium and possibly, again, have a significant impact for the visual arts of Zimbabwe at the international level. The students' photographs were exhibited as Moments In Time (1993), Moments In Time II (1994) and Moments In Time III (1995) at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Chambers received a letter from McEwen stating his appreciation of his namesake being used for the studio. Edward Gibson Lanpher, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe officially opened Moments In Time and Moments In Time II, and David Bellama, Country Director, Zimbabwe, United States Peace Corps officially opened Moments In Time III. Kodak Zimbabwe was the generous sponsor of the studio providing film, chemicals and paper.

Photo by Tapiwa Vambe.

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