Traveling around the world photographing Peace Corps volunteers for my book Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers, I was introduced to a lot of unfamiliar food. Some good, some bad and some horrible. I tried it all. 


I discovered Morocco, where I photographed Peace Corps volunteers Rebecca Luhrs, Juan Camilo Mendez and Muriel Johnston, has wonderful cuisine. Because of its location as a crossroads for trade and for many cultures there is a cornucopia of choices in food. 


Going to a souk was one of the many amazing experiences I was treated to by Muriel. I was impressed by the limitless bounty of vegetables, fruits and nuts as well as meats offered at the souk. 


Another great experience was sitting down to a mid-day meal with Rebecca, Juan and Juan's supervisor at a youth center. The invitation was last minute. I couldn't believe the amount of food served after we all ceremoniously washed our hands and had tea. The quality was also very good. I think it was something like a five course meal. 

While on my own in Morocco I never had to worry about going hungry despite my language limitations for ordering food. The Moroccan staple - the tagine is offered at most restaurants. You can simply point to the one that looks good to you because they are displayed. You just have to lift the lid and look inside. 

Pictured is a fish tagine I had in Tangier, Morocco. Very tasty. 

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