Sweet Shoes

Every Peace Corps Volunteer misses a favorite food that is not easily available in their host country.  I missed chocolate!  My aunt knew this and she mailed me a 5lb Hershey chocolate bar,  A five pound chocolate bar was quite the attraction in my small town, so we used it as a raffle item to raise funds for the school auditorium we were building.  This building project was my Peace Corps Partnership project,.  The Parent Teacher Committee was working hard to raise funds in Nicaragua to match those I was able to raise in the U.S. 

We sold raffle tickets for the chocolate bar for ~$0.07 cents a piece, 1 cordoba per ticket.  We raised $167.00 dollars total!  The winner of the Hershey bar was Rosa, one of my 5th grade students who spent more time selling food outside of the school fence than in her classroom.  In fact, the day she won the chocolate bar she was outside the fence selling mangos.  She eagerly accepted her prize, but instead of taking it home to her family she had other plans. 

Rosa was used to selling food on the streets as she did for her mom everyday, but this time she sold the chocolate for herself.  She cut the bar into bite sized pieces and sold each piece for 1 cordoba.  After she sold the last piece, she used the money she made to buy herself new shoes and socks for school.  To see Rosa come to class proudly wearing her new shoes and socks was a sweet, sweet sight. 

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