Market Day

Each Saturday, before dawn, overloaded trucks roared past our house, sending billows of dust through the shutters that covered our glassless windows. Each truck was loaded with goods to be sold at the weekly market and with paying passengers, either those arriving to sell their wares or to buy goods for that week.

In the afternoon, the trucks would carry vendors back home with anything they hadn't sold, plus their own purchases. Buyers would be loaded down with bags of beans and rice and other goods. Sometimes it took hours for everyone to arrive home. The slow-moving trucks stopped anywhere along their routes to drop off their passengers.

On the right is our water boy on his donkey.  He had a contraption to carry four large cans of water (not pictured here) on his donkey from the dam outside of town.  There was a closer source of water, but it was not as clean. We poured the water into a huge ceramic container to store it. We boiled all water we consumed for at least 20 minutes then poured it into the top of another ceramic container, allowing it it drip slowly through a filter into the lower part of the container where we could access it from a spout.

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