Looking for the right word in Zuunmod

Communication can be challenging. Mongolia PCV Jocelyn Sarmiento tries to find the right word to convey what needs to be done as she shows it to her counterpart in a dictionary. Jocelyn serves in the health sector and is attached to the local Health Department for the Mongolian Ministry of Health. She lives and works in Zuunmod in Mongolia's Central Province, Töv aimag.


I took this photo while traveling around the world documenting Peace Corps volunteers for a book, "Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers." I served as a volunteer in Jamaica from 2000 to 2002 taking a break from a career in photojournalism. It was such a meaningful experience for me that I wanted to give back to Peace Corps, so I decided to use my talents and abilities to document Peace Corps volunteers and to show that after 50 years Peace Corps is still vital and important with volunteers continuing to pursue the original mission of the agency. 


The book is being published by Other Places Publishing, which was founded by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Christopher Beale. 

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