Hogtied Crock

While eating breakfast one morning my host dad, Fernando, asked me, "Lisa, were you frightened?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "No. Why?" I replied. "I thought maybe you saw the crocodile outside when you went to the bathroom this morning." "Crocodile?" I thought, "Am I translating this right?" So, I peered outside and sure enough there was a hogtied crocodile laying 5 feet from the front door.

The crocodile had been terrorizing the local shrimp farm. Fernando's solution, hogtie the crock and sell him for Q2,000 ($250). Fernando told me the crocodile was going to be the newest attraction at the local Auto Safari amusement park. But, I had a sneaky suspicion that he said that because he didn't want me to know the poor animal was actually going to be eaten (crocodile and iguana are delicacies here) and made into a pair of botas (boots).

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