Glória 1967 and 1969


The Praça da Bandeira in the middle of Glória changed significantly over the two years I served there.


In the first photo, less than a month after my arrival, students marched in the 7 de Setembro (Independence Day) parade.  The concrete poles (you can see the ends of them stacked in the town square) were there in anticipation of full-time electricity that would be powered up before I left Brazil.


In the second photo, taken just a few days before my departure, my student Idalecinho sits on a bench emblazened with "From the benevolence of...." followed by the name of the current mayor.


Peace Corps had nothing to do with the beautification of the town square, but the change in the praça reflected other changes that came to the city in those 2 years: the first high school graduation class, daily bus service to the capital, the beginning of a high school library, a new and more-qualified elementary principal, a more equitable way to distribute passes to see the once-a-week visiting doctor, full-time electricity, and a municipal commission of citizens working for the town's progress.


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