Charging with giants

I've spent the last two years working towards the empowerment and integration of Roma youth in a small town in South-West Bulgaria. You haven't truly lived until you've seen 200 of the world's most overlooked kids get to be the center of someone's world for a few hours. This past spring, while on a humanitarian tour throughout Bulgaria, a dozen college and professional basketball players spent an afternoon in the school yard of the segregated elementary school in the Roma ghetto playing games and loving on kids.

After an afternoon of soccer, American football, wiffle ball, relays, a dunk demonstration, and a talk on the importance of staying in school and pursuing your dreams, we wanted to get as many people as possible in one area to take a group photo. Because there were still about 150 kids in the school yard and everyone was so spread out, we weren't sure how to get everyone's attention. 

Lets just say that when a 7 foot American basketball player throws his hands in the air and starts charging across the grass, the children WILL follow. 

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