Boxing in Marrakesh

This picture was taken in the Jemaa Lfna, Marrakesh Morocco. The Jemaa Lfna is a place to see snake charmers, monkeys, story tellers and acrobats and fortune tellers. I had a chance to meet up with my friend Chris for a few hours while he was passing through Marrakesh. Chris has been a mime for 20+ years, and has traveled all over the world. My friend Chris wanted to his routine of magic tricks and making balloon animals. It didn't take him long to find a man (the guy in the red hat) who had a licence to preform that day. He had a few hours before he had to take the over night train to Tangier, and gathered quite a large crowd of curious Moroccans in the process. The man with the permit had grander plans for Chris than just magic tricks and balloon animals. He had brought boxing gloves, so Chris could box with someone in the crowd. The man spent so much time hyping the fight, that my friend Chris had to leave to catch the train before that actually got around to fighting. I think that it was a good thing, as the guy who was going to fight him got pretty riled up in the process.


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