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  1. Namibia 3 learners

    three of my more gifted learners at kandjimi muranji scondary school

  2. Namibia Peace Corps Group 32 Namibia

    Using the long exposure feature on my camera, my fellow Peace Corps volunteers from group 32 in Namibia assisted in illuminating the night using only our flashlights to spell out "Peace Corps 32". 

  3. Namibia Dune 7

    In this photo, atop Dune 7 in the Namib Desert, which is one of the world's tallest sandunes, a few volunteers proudly wave the American flag in what is reminescient to the infamous photo from Iwa Jima.

  4. Namibia My New Best Friend

    Once a year, the clinic I volunteered at provided inoculations for polio.  This brought people out from deep in the bush, that I normally would never meet.  When this little girl came into the clinic, I knew immediately, she had Downs' Syndrome.  None of the health professionals at my clinic recognized or knew what it was.  She and I bonded immediately.  She giggled and laughed as she sat on my lap waiting for her injection.  People from the community treated her differently because of the wa...

  5. Namibia Gardening workshop in Namibia

    Learning how to garden using local resources and effective techniques for Namibia. The workshop included PCVs and host country nationals.

  6. Namibia Escaping rising flood waters

    Owambos living in northern Namibia flee the rising flood waters with their bed mattresses. PCV living in the north have also been relocated for nearly a month now.

  7. Namibia Sunset in the Namib

    This photo was taken at sunset in the NamibRand Nature Reserve which is a part of the Namib Naukluft National Park and the Namib Desert (worlds oldest desert).

  8. Namibia Young Meets Old

    The National Immunization Days (NID) campaign is held every year in Namibia. One of my responsibilities during the campaign was to document the campaign in my town through photos which would then be included in the official report. After taking all of the photos, I went back through to pick out the best and discovered this gem.   The old woman is a volunteer who was administering our Vitamin A Supplement, the little girl was now on to her second oral vaccine (first being Polio) and clearly ha...

  9. Namibia Kudus

    This photo was taken at a lodge near Otavi. The Kudu's horns were placed against the wall of a building with a simple mortar and stone foundation and thatched wall and roof.

  10. Namibia Captive Audience

    We were conducting an outreach program in the Oshiwambo Location under a tree. We set up chairs and made posterboards we could strap around our necks to present our information. Today's session was about alcohol and drug abuse and its effects on the community. I was taking pictures of the event when I spotted this little guy staring up at me while his mother listened on.

  11. Namibia Hopper

    A species of grasshopper found in Namibia. The colors of their shells are brilliant and the photo really does not do their size justice. This one I found hiding in a shrub and it was gracious enough to allow me to get close enough to photograph it.

  12. Namibia Himba Bracelets

    These are bracelets designed by the Himba which is one of the last remaining traditional tribes in Namibia. The bracelets are made from recycled PVC pipe and feature traditional designs of the Himba.

  13. Namibia Light Illusions

    During a cloudy day at the NamibRand Nature Reserve which is a part of the Namib Naukluft National Park and the Namib Desert (worlds oldest desert), the sunlight was filtering through the clouds and gave the illusion of underwater mountains.

  14. Namibia Sunset Over the Mountains

    Another sunset in the NamibRand Nature Reserve which is a part of the Namib Naukluft National Park and the Namib Desert (worlds oldest desert). This photo was taken from the top of a sand dune overlooking the fields and fairy circles below and the mountains beyond.

  15. Namibia Sunset at the railroad

    THis photo was taken at sunset outside my hut, the host family went to watch. Ongha Namibia

  16. Namibia A delicacy by any other name

    During training we all came together; volunteers, trainers, and host families to participate in a cultural day.  This day allowed the Namibians to show the newly arrived Americans many aspects of their diverse culture, namely food.  While many volunteers had partaken in these delicacies with their host families they had not helped in the preparation.  As many can tell you, eating a goat and slaughtering a goat are two very different things.  Unfortunately this goat and I had bonded in the com...

  17. Namibia Obama: Africa's President

    Barack Obama is truly Africa's president and every time I got a lift to town with a Namibian I would inevitably hear, "President Obama, hey, how do you like your African president?" They were incredibly proud to have a president that was half-African representing America.  There were plenty of Obama objects to be purchased but my favorite was the shitenge that I found in Malawi that coordinated so well with my t-shirt.  

  18. Namibia Mother Bear

    Many Namibian volunteers take advantage of Mother Bear Project, an organization that sends hand knit bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS in developing countries.  Providing bears to kids is a fun and simple project that brings a smile to everyone's face.  I had the opportunity to distribute bears to the graduating preschool students in my town.  This photo was taken at Msen's Preschool as the students prepared to parade through town in celebration of their graduation.  

  19. Namibia Local Petrol Station

    While Namibia has full service petrol stations as one would expect to find in America they only exist in major towns and the nearest one was an hour away and we were fast running out of petrol.  After a quick consensus we decided to leave the main highway and scour the villages for unofficial petrol stations.  This photo was taken, with much relief, as a friendly local filled our tank at a village near Sambyu, about an hour outside of Rundu.

  20. Namibia Pumbaa's Family

    The Lion King was right, there are many warthogs to be found in Africa, especially Namibia.  They are so ubiquitous you will see them racing across the road in a game of chicken with a car, scouring possible waterholes, and hanging out in the bush.  This photo was taken at a game count at a local lodge outside of Otavi.

  1. Namibia Being Alone

    Spending so much time with yourself can lead to some very interesting situations and internal conversations. I’ve found myself making songs with the swishing noises of mouthwash before bed, which never fails to ultimately lead to an impromptu bathroom dance party. I’ve walked the long way out of my building so that I could pass more flats and delicately turn my head just so in order to peer into the open doors and judge the furnishings of my fellow Old Age Home neighbors. “Just as I suspecte...

  2. Namibia Reconciliation

    Today I was thinking about post-Peace Corps service and what it was going to be like going back to the states. I tried to imagine the reverse culture shock that I hear so much about and how it was going to affect me. I started to think about all the things I really love and miss about the States and it really got me thinking about my experience in Namibia thus far. Don’t get me wrong, I love America. I never realized how truly wonderful it is until coming here. I miss so much about it that I...

  3. Namibia Good Girls Go To Heaven But Vegetarians Go To Hell

    Vegetarians are an anomaly in Namibia and meat is generally considered the only food group.  Therefore it is understandable that people who voluntarily do not eat meat perplex them.  Upon announcing to my host family that I was a vegetarian they looked at me with mystified expressions and said, “Do you eat fish and chicken?” Laughingly, I said “No.  In America chicken and fish are considered meat.” and proceeded to explain the ethical, moral, and environmental ideals that do not match with e...

  4. Namibia Winning at Life

    Anyone who knows me also knows that I am most at home curled up reading a good book.  I was not one to tromp through nature and the closest I ever came to camping was a drafty wood cabin for a Girl Scout weekend retreat at the age of ten.  However, anyone who knows me will also say I’m not one to back down from a challenge.  For me, Africa was that challenge.  When I first found out about my placement to Namibia I emailed a friend in South Africa to share the news.  It went a little something...

  5. Namibia Peace Corps Narnia

    “Namibia, huh.  You sure it’s not Nambia? I’m pretty sure it’s Nambia.  Or Narnia.  Is Peace Corps sending you to Narnia? I bet Africa is full of lions, witches, and centaurs.  Will you bring me back a centaur?” While my friends and family are geographically and fictionally challenged at times they supported my decision to quit my job, sublet my condo, uproot my life, and move to another continent.  In all truthfulness, they knew protesting my decision was futile as I had set my mind on movi...

  6. Namibia Smokey The Bear Says Only You Can Prevent Snakebites

    Everyone has a phobia.  The fact that I made it through life immune to childhood fears gave me an overblown sense of victory.  That was before I moved to Namibia and realized that poisonous snakes don’t live behind thick walls of glass at the zoo they live in nature. As in the tall brush that I walk through every day.  Fortunately Namibians share my fear of snakes and are prone to taking any means necessary to kill a snake regardless if it’s a black mamba or a garden snake.  One morning I l...

  7. Namibia I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

    According to the United States government I am officially a Peace Corps volunteer.  I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into for the next two years. The swearing in ceremony included the expected speeches from the Peace Corps Country Director, the Namibian Health Minister, and the U.S. Ambassador.  I understand Obama was planning to officiate but Air Force One was delayed.  Bummer.  I know he really wanted to be there to see us get sworn in. Soon it would be my moment t...



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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.