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  1. Mongolia Walking home with host brother

    My friend and I lived with Mongolian host families during our summer training, and our duu's (Mongolian for younger siblings) would follow us everywhere, every day. After one Sunday afternoon study session at another Peace Corps Trainee's felt tent, our duu's came to pick us up.

  2. Mongolia Catching a grasshopper

    My Mongolian supervisor's friend from high school is a geologist. He took us along with him on an overnight trip deep into the Gobi Desert. The next morning, on our way back home, we stopped our truck so i could fill my empty water bottle with sand, to give to my American friends. He said he saw a grasshopper.

  3. Mongolia Jolly 'Ol St. Nick

    Mongolian Students handcrafted stockings for the holiday season

  4. Mongolia Herding

    A Mongolian man walking with his herd early in the morning

  5. Mongolia Skulls and Bones

    Two Mongolian children playing with some of the many animal bones found around town

  6. Mongolia Mongolian Sunset

    Walking home to our host families at sunset

  7. Mongolia Biker Boys

    Two Mongolian children playing on their dad's motorcycle

  8. Mongolia Cards Fan

    Mongolian child supports the St. Louis Cardinals

  9. Mongolia Snow Shoveling

    A Mongolian woman climbs on top of her home. She shovels snow to keep it from melting and seeping through the fabric.

  10. Mongolia Human Anatomy

    Mongolian students study English body parts

  11. Mongolia Countryside Dunes

    Mongolian countryside view of sand dunes and mountains

  12. Mongolia Between Two Humps

    Camel riding in the Mongolian countryside

  13. Mongolia Grandmothers

    During Tsagaan Sar ("White Moon/Month"), the biggest holiday in Mongolia, people visit each other's homes. This is my counterpart's mom and her sister, in their best deels (traditional clothing).

  14. Mongolia Traditions!

    During Tsagaan Sar, it's tradition to pass snuff bottles to each other and sniff them. This is quite the rare moment where Mongolians are smiling in a photograph. :) This was taken at my hospital Tsagaan Sar meeting, where everyone chats and greets each other on the new year.

  15. Mongolia Matching Hats

    A fellow PCV and I went to his coworker's homes during Tsagaan Sar. Even the children get in on fox-hat action!

  16. Mongolia Mongolian Horse Race

    Typically children are the ones doing the horse racing, and this boy is no exception. Taken September 2010 in Baruun-Urt, Mongolia.

  17. Mongolia Tsagaan Sar

    Celebrating in the home of a Mongolian friend during the lunar new year, the annual Tsagaan Sar festivities in Mongolia

  18. Mongolia Looking for the right word in Zuunmod

    Communication can be challenging. Mongolia PCV Jocelyn Sarmiento tries to find the right word to convey what needs to be done as she shows it to her counterpart in a dictionary. Jocelyn serves in the health sector and is attached to the local Health Department for the Mongolian Ministry of Health. She lives and works in Zuunmod in Mongolia's Central Province, Töv aimag.   I took this photo while traveling around the world documenting Peace Corps volunteers for a book, "Making Peace with...

  19. Mongolia Anna Home

    This was a picture taken of me at a local street children's home in Choibalsan, Donod Aimag (Province) in Eastern Mongolia. Photo taken by fellow PCV Julie Moulton.

  20. Mongolia Mongolian Sunset

    The most intense sunset I've ever seen, over the ger camp we stayed in on our first day in Mongolia (June 2006).

  21. Mongolia Taiga Home

    A fellow volunteer and I went to the Taiga to visit the reindeer people or Tsaatan Khuun. This was Jijii, the son of our tour guide, outside his traditional home, with it's not so traditional sattelite dish.

  22. Mongolia Christina and Chingiss Khan

    Ice Festival at Lake Khuvsgul

  23. Mongolia Murun's Monastery

    Buddha watches over the town.

  24. Mongolia Holy camel

    Bactrian Camels are abundant in the Gobi.  I met this particular camel at a camel polo competition.  He had been recently blessed by a buddhist monk and therefore for the remainder of his life, would not be used for labor, sport, or killed for meat.

  25. Mongolia Naddam

    Every year in Mongolia  Naddam is celebrated. Its the 3 manly sports Archery, children's horse racing and wrestling. There is a National Naddam is July and local ones too. This year 2011 Overhaungi the region I live in is celebrating tis 80th anniversary. 

  26. Mongolia Golden Mountain

    Overlooking the sacred Mongolian mountain Altan Ovoo, or Golden Mountain, during a three week Children's Summer Camp in Dariganga village, Sukhbaatar province

  27. Mongolia Swearing In Ceremony

    Tunga and I during the beginning of my third year as a PCVL at the 2010 Swearing In Ceremony for our M21 Volunteers.

  28. Mongolia Close of Service

    Close of Service Conference for our M19 Group as we finished our service in Mongolia.

  29. Mongolia Building a Path Together

    Building a massage pathway outside the provincial hospital, which was part of an overall stress reduction project for patients and staff

  30. Mongolia Beginning Summer Camp

    Peace Corps Volunteer Todd Waite looks out on our lake in Dariganga before teaching three weeks of summer camp

  31. Mongolia Mongolian Wedding

    My wife Tunga and I getting married in Sukhbaatar province as Tunga's father, Jargalsaikhan, hands me a traditional silver bowl with Mongolian milk

  32. Mongolia Morning of Mongolian Wedding

    Talking with my niece, Badmaa, during the morning of my wedding to her aunt, Tunga

  33. Mongolia Newly Married

    Tunga and I after our wedding celebration

  34. Mongolia Milk Tea

    Milk Tea is the heart of mongolian food and drink. Every guest is offered a bowl of milk tea when you enter a home. 

  35. Mongolia fish for dinner

    I bought these smoked fish from these kids but not before I got them to join me in a photo.

  36. Mongolia girl in a lake

    My work group went to Uvs Lake for a party and I caught this picture of one of my co-workers little girls standing in the water. 

  37. Mongolia Hasha Grandma

    This is the grandma of the family I first lived with in Mongolia. I loved watching her bless the beginning of every day with an offering of milk tea. 

  38. Mongolia Naadam Horsemen

    Every year Naadam is celebrated in Mongolia with archery, horse racing, and wrestling. These guys were waiting at the finish line to watch the horse race finish. 

  39. Mongolia Countryside Kids

    I caught these 2 children playing on a trip to the countryside when we were conducint snow leopard surveys for WWF. 

  40. Mongolia Moving Day

    Mongolians are nomadic herders, I caught this photo as a family was moving from their summer site to their winter site.

  41. Mongolia Reindeer Family

    We visited a small village of reindeer people. The grandfather and his grandaughter came to visit us on the back of one of the reindeer. 

  42. Mongolia Reindeer Games

    The Reindeer people live up along the Mongolian and Russian border subsisting on reindeer that they have domesticated. I caught this photos as the children were taking off to play in the tundra on the backs of reindeer.

  43. Mongolia sacred stones

    The Mongolian skyline is peppered with round piles of stones called owoos, which serve as spiritual pilars. When you encounter an owoo, the respectful thing to do is bring a few pebbles from the bottom of the mountian, walk about the owoo three times, and toss at least one pebble to the top of the stone pile. I took this self portrait in the dead of winter before dawn before walking to school to work as a teacher trainer. The temperatue was nearly 40 below zero outside, but the traditional Mo...

  44. Mongolia by candle light

    A group of my 8th grade students staring into the flame of a candle during a Haloween party. The students were amazingly resourceful with their constumes and had a very enjoyable time.

  45. Mongolia Picnic Song

    June, 2009. Darkhan-Uul countryside, Mongolia. Mongolians friends on a picnic, singing and drinking into the evening as they wait for the freshly slaughtered sheep to boil.

  46. Mongolia mother tree

    The blind mother of one of my counter parts prays at the base of the sacred mother tree. Buddo-Shamanist Mongolian believers visit the holy tree, tie blue prayer scarves around the tree's branches, sprinkle dairy products on the ground and pray to the tree's spirits.

  47. Mongolia beauty pageant

    A Mongolian woman, wearing a traditional Mongolian headdress, participates in the Darkhan Nursing College's beauty pageant.

  48. Mongolia Victory Dance

    A wrestler who just won his round. If they win, they get to wear the hat and do a victory dance around the flags. From the 2011 Naadam in Baruun-Urt, Mongolia!

  49. Mongolia Horse Race, Interrupted

    My friend and I got a chance to ride along in the ambulance while they followed the horse racing during my town's Naadam. We picked up this little boy after we saw him get bucked off of his horse. He had hit his head, but luckily he was one of the few to wear a helmet. He's only 10 years old, which isn't the youngest I've seen racing. 

  50. Mongolia Mmm mmm marmot!

    Marmot! One of my favorite foods in Mongolia. They cook it inside out by filling it with hot rocks and sewing it shut.

  51. Mongolia Herding Sheep

    After spending so long in the countryside, one sometimes forgets to look around and see how beautiful and peaceful it really is.

  52. Mongolia Basketball

    At our aimag (province) children's camp, the kids couldn't get enough of playing basketball. Most of the boys knew much more about American basketball than I did.

  53. Mongolia Huushuur

    During Naadam, Mongolia's national summer festival, it's traditional to eat huushuur, a fried pastry with meat inside. Here are some ladies mixing the meat and pressing the dough, while the hot Mongolian butter (not oil!) waits.

  54. Mongolia Towering Over

    Horse riders were able to get a great view of the Naadam horse race this July.

  1. Mongolia Finding Christmas in Mongolia

    I woke up to another day in a village called Uliastai in western Mongolia. Wrapped in the warmth of my sleeping bag, I shimmied over to my wood-burning stove in the icy dark pre-dawn hours and gingerly lit a fire with the kindling I’d set aside the night before. Lying back down with my stocking cap on, I watched the flames dance around the circular walls of my tiny felt tent (ger). I thought about my family on the other side of the world, preparing a pot roast for our traditional Christmas Ev...

  2. Mongolia Hanging out in the Huduoh

    Duirng training one Tuesday night I was informed upon arriving home that myself and my Mongolian family needed to go to the hudouh (countryside). I told them all that I couldn't, because I had Mongolian dance practice, but they were not budging. So, I skipped dance class to head to the hudouh with the fam. The entire event, was disastrous from the start. We stopped on the way out of town, to get gas...which for some reason made the car smell like gasoline the entire hour and half ride. Also...

  3. Mongolia The Story of My Service

    Sometimes a story is so good that I don’t want it to end. As the pages in my right hand get lighter, I might even flip back a few chapters to try and enjoy it again—to remember what just happened and maybe catch something I missed. For whatever reason, I brought that blue invitation packet with me across the ocean, the same one every Volunteer gets in the mail with “Peace Corps invites you to serve” printed on the front. It’s been a long time since I opened it, more than two years. A c...



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