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  1. Macedonia A ride around the neighborhood

    This picture took place during our first month living with our host family.  My host mother told me something in Macedonia and, as usual, I had no clue what she was saying, but followed her out the door.  What a fun surprise to see our chariot waiting to take us for a ride around the block!

  2. Macedonia Making Ivar

    This was our very first experience with making Ivar, a red pepper spread.  It is a day long process and once the Americans got out of bed, our host father took a lot of pride teaching us the whole process.  Other than spending great quality time together, eating the end result was the best part of the day!!

  3. Macedonia Hiking with family

    Sonia and Tosho; friends that became instant family.  Hiking was a great way to learn about each other and our different cultures.

  4. Macedonia US family meets PC family

     My family was visiting from the States and we couldn't let their visit go by without a good old fashion Macedonian picnic, complete with pictures!  Macedonians make everyone feel like family and that is what happened on this special day!

  5. Macedonia Another day in the fields

    I ran into friends from a local village and they are always willing to smile for the camera.  This mother was coming back from the fields and I begged the young daughter to hop up on the donkey for a photo.  I don't know who did the better convincing - a whining, begging PCV or a mother with a quick, warning look.

  6. Macedonia True love; a girl and her dog

    Dimbo was his name and he was my best friend throughout pre-service training! 

  7. Macedonia Peppers and tobacco

    This is a typical house in Macedonia, but I hadn't seen one this colorful with drying peppers and tobacco.  I came across this house on a walk and didn't know the people living there, so I shapped the picture quickly before I was questioned about why on earth I would want this picture. 

  8. Macedonia Rakia

    Rakia is the local 'moonshine' and is used for many things besides toasting special occasions (think of it as an all around product - household cleaner, shines your wooden furniture and cures what ails you!).  This is Tosho, our Macedonian father, with his great friend and neighbor, Baba Vera, making Rakia on a chilly Fall day.  Baba Vera always had a smile on her face!

  9. Macedonia Girls just want to have fun!

    This group of girls became very special to me, very quickly.  As only children can do, they welcomed and loved me before I could even get my newly learned and practiced Macedonian 'hello' out of my mouth. We spent a great deal of time together and always, always laughed  (I wonder if most of their laughing was at my attempt to speak their language!?). They proved that language does not bond people together, it's the special connection that occurs after your first shared smile.  They continue ...

  10. Macedonia Kids will be kids!

    It just goes to show you that no matter where you are, kids are kids!  Who needs fancy, new, brightly colored toys?  After a gift was received by our Macedonian family, the grandchildren quickly put their imaginations at use with the box.  They had fun for hours!!

  1. Macedonia The Bus....

    September 19, 2010 It was my third week of “practicum” meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays and I was traveling for the fifth time alone by bus to Kumanovo.  I walked farther down the lane than normal to a bus stop that was (to my knowledge at the time) visited by two alternative bus routes, thus increasing my chance of catching a ride to town.  After waiting only a few minutes, and much to my delight, a very large bus barreled down around the corner and glided to a stop. The doors smacked o...

  2. Macedonia Can you spare a square?

    During the first few days of our Pre-Service Training a few of us got together for a much needed pizza break.  I quickly became friends with another PCV, a CA woman who was older and wiser than myself,  except in one area...the Macedonian bathroom (or the hole-you-pee-in room).  We went to the ladies room together and I did my buisness, but I heard a not-so-soft gasp coming from the other stall.  I finished and came out to see her doing the bathroom jig in her long, flowing skirt. 'What?!  Ho...



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