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  1. Liberia Young Hope/ Old Glory

    Taken in a small village north of Monrovia, Liberia during a PCRV orientation in 2010...

  2. Liberia Graduation Day

    These three young Liberians are dressed up for thier preschool graduation...

  3. Liberia "Going Bananas"

    Liberians are very capable of carrying most anything on thier heads, and in this case, it is bananas getting a ride...

  4. Liberia Fishing in Lofa

    This is a photo of a neighbor girl who was out waist deep in the lagoon fishing with her grandmother, she came upon this nest and brought it out of the reeds to show me. The sun was setting and everything came out better than I could have planned.

  5. Liberia Out of the mud!

    This photo was taken when I was a Response volunteer in Liberia. It was rainy season and the mud was hoorrific. These fine gentleman helped us out!

  6. Liberia For sale.

    His market on wheels....

  1. Liberia A Ribbon of Red Runs Through the Jungle

    I’ve been on bad roads while driving to hiker trailheads in Colorado, but six hours trying to keep my head from pock-marking the roof of the Pathfinder I was riding in topped them all. The road I’m talking about is in Liberia, Africa, where I served for one month as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV). My first stop in country was the capital, Monrovia, then all PCRVs and PC Trainees traveled to Kakata for orientation and training, two weeks for PCRVs and two months for PCTs. Aft...



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