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  1. Kyrgyz Republic How I joined the Peace Corps--from Ecuador to Kyrgyzstan

      Up until the age of 16, I had no idea of what I wanted to be as an adult.  Then, in 1999, one event changed that and put me on an 11 year path towards serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  This is the story of that event.  I was living in Riobamba, Ecuador as a foreign exchange student.  I lived with a host family in a second story apartment on a street near the town’s market.  Every morning, after breakfast, I would sit on the family’s little patio outside the kitchen and drink coffee and w...

  2. Kyrgyz Republic Not in My Own Words....

    I am a Nebraskan.  I wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was 8.  Then when I got to college I learned I had to finish college, that is what I did.  I worked my way through college with Peace Corps on my mind.  My Czech/Russian teacher one day started talking about me joining the military.  And I looked at her, with such a strange look, as if my eyes were quoting War and Peace: " screwing up his eyes."  She promised I wouldn't have to do basic training.  I didn't really belive it....

  3. Kyrgyz Republic Coming of Age

    Sometime toward the end of my Peace Corps service I had a revelation: being a grown-up is hard. When you're a kid, you have this idea that all your problems can be easily solved by some person you perceive to be a "grown-up." When you've got a serious problem you need help with it’s great to be on the kid side, but, as I joined the Peace Corps straight out of college, I've only recently started to experience things from the other side, and that's not so great. A friend of mine, a f...

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