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  1. Kiribati Butaritari outside Nei Jill's kiakia

    The view from Nei Jill's door on Butaritari

  2. Kiribati My Brother in the well

    The family well had to be emptied after a heavy rain so he climbed down in the well with a bucket

  3. Kiribati dancing

    My sister and a friend of her's dancing at her school

  4. Kiribati Mwaneaba

    A mwaneaba is the town meeting hall.  This is the one from Tabonibara on North Tarawa.  Throughout the year different sections of the village would rotate living there.  This one had a painting on the inside with a white dove and a black bird sharing a nest - year ago a man from Canada came and fell in love with an I-Kiribati woman.  They married and currently live in Canada.  The village and the village waa (canoe) has the phrase on it "nest of love" due to money coming from this m...

  5. Kiribati Thatch

    This is the material the I-Kiribati use for roofing

  6. Kiribati South Tarawa Lagoon

    high tide

  7. Kiribati Nei Emma

    One of the little girls on North Tarawa in the village of Tabonibara that would hang out with me during training :)

  8. Kiribati Peace Corps Office

    Here's the Peace Corps Office on South Tarawa

  9. Kiribati Tabonibara kids

    Some kids from Tabonibara on North Tarawa

  1. Kiribati The Girl Sickness

    A long time ago there was a very smart woman somewhere in Kiribati who told all of the men that when she had the "girl sickness;" she shouldn't wash, cook, or clean out of fear of contaminating things.  Well, at least that is how I imagine the custom came about.  However, that wise woman overlooked one thing... now all the young girls had to tell everyone when their time came for the monthly visitor.  And thus began another tradition of having a village celebration on the 3rd day of a girl's ...



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