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  1. Jordan BBQ Night

    Welcoming the beginning of summer's warm nights by setting up this stone and coal stove, and grilling some kebab. 

  2. Jordan Patriotism

    Walking around with another volunteer, extra early on a Friday morning before the noon prayer so that there weren't enough people around to notice us whipping out our cameras, we ran into this young man in the souq, or market. He asked to have his picture taken under the Jordanian flag in exchange for some raspberry gum. Of course, we obliged. 

  3. Jordan Colorful Shopping

    Bright green duali, or grape leaves, next to deep purple koch, or plums, creates an aesthetically pleasing food shopping experience. Jordanian produce sellers know how to attract a customer!

  4. Jordan Hard Efforts and World Peace

    Showing off the finished World Peace Day crafts project. Each flag was made by one of the students of our special education center. 

  5. Jordan Separation of Church and State

    1st graders learning how to pray...

  6. Jordan High on Life

    Culturally "inappropriate" in the spring

  7. Jordan Young Salesman

    A little boy in Petra sets up shop

  8. Jordan Broadening Perspectives

    Students from a special education center and students from the local middle school had an opportunity to interact and play games.

  9. Jordan Camp GLOW

    Pioneer year for Camp GLOW Jordan.  Taking a break after broom hockey with new friends.

  10. Jordan Bright and Cheerful

    Adorable third graders waiting for a photo opp (and any excuse to be distracted from their lessons)

  11. Jordan Standing alone, among many...

    One of the things the young women and I would do in my village was take walks through the rock fields. Away from the shabob (boys) we would sing and dance, gossip and laugh- really LOUD!

  1. Jordan High on Life

    PCVs having fun



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