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  1. Iran My landlord

    My landlord was a haji originally from Yazd.  He was also the nafti, meaning he sold kerosene in an open vat on the first floor. The smell of kerosene permeated my apartment. i would carry twelve liters of kerosene up three flights of stairs to my apartment.  It had an ab o bargh number , i.e., water and electricity number, but no street address number since it had failed to pass the licensing inspection for safety.  The bricks were of low grade with insufficient cement and too much granualr ...

  2. Iran I Am Expressions

    I Am Expressions   My training for Peace Corps Iran was held in a small town south of Tehran.  This was in 1973. I remember some of those days very well.  Other days I remember only being less than well, spending a lot of time on squat toilets.  Some things I don’t need to remember. Some memories just reappear in the oddest ways. One of the training exercises was to test our level of Farsi Language learning.  I think it was also a test to help us discover for ourselves if the Peace Corps exp...



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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.