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  1. Honduras Pulperia Treats

    Doña Catalina often makes topoios (pronounced To-Po-E-Os) to sell at her pulperia. For one Lempira kids can buy these frozen fruit juice treats, rip open one corner of the plastic baggy with their teeth and suck away! 

  2. Honduras la Venta

    Doña Catalina awaits costumers at her pulperia. 

  3. Honduras el Fogón

    the fogón is the wood-burning stove used throughout Honduras. 

  4. Honduras Doña Elvira

    Doña Elvira lives in Bo. Lempira, Cabañas, Copán, Honduras. She was my host mother's mother, and became my adoptive grandmother. She is a beautiful woman who taught me how to make breads, orange-leaf tea, and many other little lessons of the campo. 

  5. Honduras Scarlet & toys

    Scarlet, a descendent of the Maya-Chortí, is busy crawling around her toys in the center of her family's main room. 

  6. Honduras Pila Love

    The Pila--the water storage of rural Honduras. Here we wash our clothes, our bodies, and our food. Here we hang our tooth brushes and hats. This pila is located on the farm of Don Juanquis in la Cumbre San Lucas, Cabañas Copan, Honduras.    

  7. Honduras pila window

    Here the family's pila becomes a window to the clothes on the line, the vegetable garden, the countryside.      

  8. Honduras atol in the yard

    Doña Linda has prepared a large thermos of atol chuco, and has it ready to go, sitting on her wheel barrow. 

  9. Honduras los chicos de barrio lempira

    The tough boys of Bo. Lempira pose for a picture.

  10. Honduras Las Chicas de Barrio Lempira

    The hard working little girls of Bo. Lempira pose for a photo. 

  11. Honduras Traditional Dances

    The dance group of el Centro Basíco line up to preform their traditional dance la tusa.

  12. Honduras Niñas con Ticucos

    My little friends hold up the ticucos we just made, and which they will sell door to door that afternoon for 3 lempiras a piece. 

  13. Honduras Farmer's Market in Honduras

    Don Bequer and Don Tobias selling tomates and sweet peppers in the newly organized farmer's market in Tomala, Honduras.

  14. Honduras Business Simulations

    Our Business group completed a business simulation with local students.  We taught them business skills, made products, and sold them all in a week.  All groups made a profit. 

  15. Honduras Turkey Bowl Honduras Style

    A few of us volunteers got together for Thanksgiving to play football(americano) at a local cow pasture.  The children from the town were out to watch.  Hondurans are often confused by football(americano), but maybe they understood a little more after this game.  

  16. Honduras Trading Technologies

    I wield a navaja, or sharp knife, as I peel an orange for Eduardo, while he tries to figure out my camera.

  17. Honduras Training Days

    The photo was taken after a hot day of working in 105F weather working cement to build a pila.  The work was hard and long, but exciting and made for excellent friendships.

  18. Honduras Buyer's Market

    In my rural pueblo of Orocuina, Honduras, I like to go for Sunday morning bike rides to neighboring aldeas and visit with the locals.  One Sunday morning found me riding along, when I came into contact with this small truck completely covered in anything your plastic heart could desire.  I was so flabergasted that I bust out laughing! As the day progressed, I continued back to my pueblo, crossing paths with the truck along the way.  We would wave and say 'Adios' to each other, as he brought l...

  19. Honduras The Horse Wrangler

    Little Fernando wants to show he may be young, but still can wrangle a horse.  

  20. Honduras The Art of Making Nacatamales

    My host-grandmother teaching me how to make nacatamales, a traditional Honduran food, in her kitchen hut. These delicious tamales are made with a corn-based dough, seasoned meat, garlic paste, potatoes and wrapped up in banana leaves, then cooked in a large pot over an open fire for several hours. DELICIOUS!

  21. Honduras Queso?

    Mario, my host family's errand boy, with Emily, the daughter of another relative.

  22. Honduras Super-dog

    The family's new puppy exploring the patio.

  23. Honduras The little driver

    Yuren, my 3 -year-old nephew playing in his step-dad's truck.

  24. Honduras Tio Tavo

    Tio Tavo lets me take a picture.

  25. Honduras The Bus Stop

    This is a little eatery where all of the buses that pass through town stop.

  26. Honduras Truckstop Wall Garden

    El Moral, Sinuapa has charm.  The weathered cowboy community sits along the curve of a single paved road stretching all over Central America.  With the heavy traffic this, otherwise seemingly remote and rural, Western Honduran village gets crafty with the excess waste. 

  27. Honduras Weekend Morning

    Visiting my great volunteer friends, a couple, in coffee town Honduras.

  1. Honduras Going native

    Like almost everyone else, I thought that I would end up living and working in a small village.  However, I quickly realized in training that I preferred a larger site, and was placed in a small city that had everything one needs.  The one drawback was not seeing the "culture," or how things were vastly different from the States. I arrived to the point where I was preparing for COS and I was working in a mountain community and touched what I refer to as Honduran poison ivy.  Actuall...

  2. Honduras When I spit on children I cure diseases

    I have come to realize that my idea of normal has changed significantly. Things never seem that strange to me at the time… and then I think about explaining it to folks back home. So, here’s one such experience: I’m hanging out at my cousin's house, enjoying the mango juice we just made (from pre-ripened mangos…which are also quite delicious to eat dipped in sugar). Yola, the woman who goes house to house selling Ropa Americana had just finished showing us the stock she just brought back...

  3. Honduras A Stove for Andrea

    The merciless Honduran sun makes it impossible to open my eyes further than a squint. Attempting to give my eyes a break from sun, I turn my head. A gust of wind filled with sand, dirt, and dust makes sure my eyelids don’t budge. The small gap between the top and bottom of my eyelids allow me to see the rural aldea (town) gradually getting closer as we make our way up the mountain. Ah, my legs are thankful we’ve made it. I immediately forget about the tiresome trek when we’re greeted by...

  4. Honduras A Stove for Andrea

    The merciless Honduran sun makes it impossible to open my eyes further than a squint.  Attempting to give my eyes a break from sun, I turn my head.  A gust of wind filled with sand, dirt, and dust makes sure my eyelids don’t budge.  The small gap between the top and bottom of my eyelids allow me to see the rural aldea (town) gradually getting closer as we make our way up the mountain.     Ah, my legs are thankful we’ve made it.  I immediately forget about the tiresome trek when we’re greeted...

  5. Honduras A Last Night on the Island

    A Last Night on the Island  A feeling of authenticity runs over your soul if you sit at a local eatery on a Sunday night in Utila. As you sit on a wooden bench you lean against the open screen-less windowsill to feel the cool night air greet the warmth of the restaurant’s interior. Your friends around the rectangular table are tired and content reflecting on their morning dives and under the orange glow of the Chinese lamps they are patiently awaiting their plates of barracuda, wahoo, or ...

  1. Honduras A Small Peace - A Big Change

    My Entry for the NPCA's "My Piece of the Peace Corps" Video Contest. By Rachel Jill Papernick Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Honduras 2007 - 2009) Music: "Lavarse las manos!" used with permission: Composed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, performed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, produced/engineered by Rachel Papernick. "Eye C" used with permission: Composed by Ross Nolan, performed by Ross Nolan. My piece of the Peace Corps, is dedicated to the people who are now and will f...

  2. Honduras World Map in Honduras

    A fellow volunteer and I completed the classic world map project in small villiage close to out site.  It was a great project to teach the children about geography.  I wanted to show friends and family back home how it works. 

  3. Honduras How an Eco Justa Stove Works

    I am currently implementing an improved stove and pila project in the community of Quebraditas, Trinidad in the department of Copan, Honduras with funds I have received from a SPA grant. The community was invloved with writing the grant, pricing and buying construction materials, building the stoves and pilas, and attended training on envrionmental education and basic sanitation. The stoves we are building are called Eco Justa Stoves and use less firewood and provide the houses with chimneys....

  4. Honduras Tu Bandera

    WWSP Kinder class in Orocuina, Honduras sings national anthem 'Tu Bandera' of Honduras to share with WWSP Kinder class in Garner, North Carolina.

  5. Honduras Head, Shoulders. Knees and Toes

    These teachers were part of the Teaching English and Methodology course that Peace Corps Honduras Youth Development project does in collaboration with the Honduran Secretary of Education. PCVs teach public school teachers HOW to teach English so they can better fulfill the government's mandate that they all teach English in the public schools. This video is from their graduation ceremony.



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