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  1. Guyana Oh snap!

    Our Community Development Officer, Mr. Douglas snaps his finger after just missing the target with his traditional bow and arrow at our Amerindian Heritage Day. 

  2. Guyana Hand Print

    Amerindians in the Rupununi of Guyana hold cultural events that highlight dance and music that is being passed down amongst 'culture groups'.  Here a young boy has been painted with a homemade paint made from the Anatto plant - it bears spiky pods that contains seeds coated in a red paint.  Amerindians use this paint to decorate themselves with designs and whatever else they can come up with!  

  3. Guyana Helping Hands

    Traditional handicraft is a huge part of our Amerindian village's culture and identity.  Hats, fans, necklaces, baskets, a backpack of sorts called a Warshi, and other items are made from the surrounding resources.  They use certain vines, grasses, and the leaves of the Ite' Palm to create the items and then use them till they degrade to the point that they can't use them anymore. In trying to preserve part of their culture, older members of the community hold small seminars and invite the yo...

  4. Guyana Basket Weaving

    Onesimus, strong in traditional Amerindian skills, teaches Sonia, who is very shy, to weave a basket from an ite palm leaf. They are learning as a part of a young adult training to give them skills and confidence. 

  5. Guyana Basket Weaving

    Onesimus, strong in traditional Amerindian skills, teaches Sonia, who is very shy, to weave a basket from an ite palm leaf. They are learning as a part of a young adult training to give them skills and confidence. 

  6. Guyana Renelle

    A young girl participates in the local cultural group which highlights song and dance that has been a part of Amerindian culture and is being passed down from generation to generation.   Don't let her cute demeanor let your guard down!  Renelle is a very spirited child and I have come to really enjoy her pokes and prods as well as all of her questions about myself, my wife, and what we are doing there. 

  7. Guyana Smiles

    Gigantic smiles from two nursery students in a remote Amerindian village in Guyana. I caught them during playtime!

  8. Guyana Para Kari Drinking Contest

    Para Kari is a fermented drink made from Cassava.  The process usually takes about half a day to make and the steps are long and have to be exact as some people use the 'bitter' Cassava which has doses of cyanide in the raw tuber. Contests are held every year with both men and women from several villages to see who can drink a pitcher the fastest.  This years winner was from our village who has the call name 'Tubes'.  

  9. Guyana Bucking Bronco

    Cattle wrangling is a huge part of the Rupununi Savannah.  To highlight some of the talents of the vaqueiro or cowboy, a Rodeo is held every Easter.   These events usually hold horse riding, bull riding, and also rope technique. This event also shows how popular US culture has carried over into my area.

  10. Guyana Smoke Ceremony

    Before the Deep South Games that are held every August, the audience gets to participate in a smoke ceremony.  

  11. Guyana Phagwah

    A boy on his way home after full day of Phagwah--the Hindu festival of colors.  This day started off with a religious service at the local Mandir where everyone wears white and receives their first of powder thrown at them. The Mandir group then proceeds down the road to fellow Mandir members houses, beating drums and cymbals and singing. Once the group arrives to the house more singing and music is played and food and drink are received.    

  12. Guyana Road Washed Out

    There is only one main road to get to my site.  The government has tried to help by building roads along much of this main road, but due to heavy rains was washed out. This particular break in the road ended up stranding me for three days while we waited for the heavy machinery to come and repair the culvert and bridge.

  13. Guyana Stop Child Labour

    June 12th-- World Day Against Child Labour March was organized by Peace Corps volunteers in conjunction with NGO Educare. Guyanese children all over Bartica marched in their village to exclaim the importance of education and brought the awareness of Child Labour to the forefront to their country. This March was published in the Guyanese newspaper. 

  14. Guyana Black Creek Bathing?

    Trees roots in Guyana, dye the water brown and many Amerindians of Guyana bathe and do laundry in this water. It is a strange experience to be in river water and barely able to see your own hand underneath it.  The first thoughts of volunteers-- Are there Piranhas or water snakes?  

  15. Guyana Hanging in There

    Local Rasta baby relaxing as locals do best. 

  16. Guyana Fence Post Transporting

    At a self help to build parts of a fence, I was surprised to find an old man, well over 70 years old helping out with the work.   Since they had no bulls to pull the cart, the men decided that the best thing to do would be to push the cart themselves.

  17. Guyana Phagwah

    Celebrating the Hindu festival of colors, locals are powdered with various colors while singing, clapping and playing instruments. 

  18. Guyana Poison Bath

    Little boy walks through the valley of the mountains down to a stream to catch some fish (tilt your head to the right)

  19. Guyana Looking Out

    A young Guyanese looks out the window to enjoy the people passing by 

  20. Guyana Walking home

    Amerindian boy walking home

  21. Guyana Born to pose

    Neighborhood children flock to pose when the camera comes out. 

  22. Guyana Bike Market

    A way of selling... 

  23. Guyana Mr. Barjoan

    Mr. Barjoan is a next door neighbor who daughter is my counterpart.  We were taking time out from village work under a tree when I snapped this shot of him.

  24. Guyana Celebration

    My counterpart at the hospital that I work at was selected to dress up as a mosquito during the Mashrmani celebration in Guyana.   As you can see the sheer joy and excitement surrounding this event is pretty high.

  25. Guyana Mash Cake

    Different villages from the surrounding area came in to participate in the Mashrimani celebrations including this young girl who dressed up in a birthday cake. Happy birthday Guyana!

  26. Guyana Handprint

    Using the juice from a local seed called Annato, Amerinidans are able to create a type of body paint used in special celebrations highlighting their culture.   Here a hand provides a perfect way of decorating.

  27. Guyana School Graduation

    This is one of Aishalton's primary school students during his graduation.  The gowns are made by the child's family.

  28. Guyana Weaving Basket

    Even in our remote, small Amerindian village, many young people don't know how to do all the traditional skills. As a part of a training program to prevent human trafficking amoung the youth, building pride in local culture is emphasized by teaching youth how to weave baskets from local palm and how to shoot bow and arrow. Here, one youth who already knew how to weave a basket helps another who is just learning. 

  29. Guyana Learning Resource Centre

    After working hard to raise money through PCPP, I was able to attain supplies and resources for our village's LRC. One of the favorites amoung the children was "Memory", a matching game with pictures of dinosaurs. Here, 2 sisters test their memory as we played together. 

  30. Guyana Waiting

    A local man is waiting for his chance to participate in an Ite' Tree climbing contest.  The green leaves of the Ite' are woven to make a 'brake' while coming back down.

  31. Guyana Learning to Weave

    Two trainees help each other learn how to weave traditional baskets from palm leafs to strengthen their awareness of local knowledge and culture, as well as confidence in personal identity. This was a part of a training to prevent human trafficking and labor exploitation. 

  32. Guyana early morning ride

    This little Amerindian baby clung closely to his mother on this early morning boat ride in to the closest market.

  33. Guyana International Women's Day

    We worked with local women to plan a march, dinner, and concert to appreciate women for International Women's Day. The women made a banner with the theme, a set of posters of words that describe women written on flower petals, which we chanted as we marched - "Women are strong! Women are beautiful! Women are talented" etc...    It was a lovely evening that was almost destroyed by rain, but the men helped us move all our equiptment for the concert (speakers, decorations, microphones)...

  34. Guyana Play time

    Nursery student play oustide on a slide during their breaks. 

  35. Guyana Peace Corps Induction

    After swearing in someone got the bright idea to steal the PC flag that was used and then the ideas started rolling from there with what to do with it.     Please note that I have receieved permission to use this photo from each subject and that they are NOT nude as the picture might suggest.  Names will not be added.

  36. Guyana Beware of dem holes in da bridge

    Road shut down for hours.... expect some major delays 

  37. Guyana Dawali Motorcade

    Guyanese celebration of Dawali in the capital 

  38. Guyana Jhandi Ceremony

    Hindu Ceremony

  39. Guyana Mixing the old with the new

    Older women traditionally dress in their best dresses while shopping in the chaos of the market. Everything is done the old fashion way, yet ironically an internet address is painted on the building. 

  40. Guyana True Guyanese...

    Never shy to greet new people. 

  41. Guyana Loving neighborhood friend.

    Good thing these are not man eating. Encountering one of these in the air when you are walking is like trying to dodge a huge bullet. 

  42. Guyana Enjoying the sunset

    Sometimes a cat knows the best way to live. 

  43. Guyana Full of Smiles

    Guyanese children always ready to take a break to pose for the camera.

  44. Guyana Please for some fruit

    Local markets hang their food in stalls to sell on the street

  45. Guyana Ital

    Ital- Rastafarian cuisine which is exclusively vegatarian. This is a basic cook up of extra vegetables all cooked together and placed in an open calabash shell which is something much like a gourd. 

  46. Guyana Tough Stuff

    Freckles, host puppy and guard dog by day and night.  

  47. Guyana Cashews

    Fruit that smells like a rose, soft and white inside like a pear. Yummy

  48. Guyana Barefooted Rodeo

    Cowboys participate in a rodeo barefooted every Easter in the Rupunni

  1. Guyana I Sexed a Caiman

    Made you look, huh? Before you jump to any lewd conclusions, I'll clear the air and inform you that it simply means I determined the sex of a caiman, or black caiman (melanosuchus niger), one species of alligators found here in the Rupununi, the region that makes up the southern third of Guyana. The largest, actually. Caiman House, HQ for the NGO I’m working with, gets its name from studying the black caiman here. One of the several projects CH is involved in is the Caiman Project, where they...



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