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  1. Ghana Baby Doll

    Women in Ghana carry their babies on their back. My favorite little girl, Yaa, would carry around her "baby"- a stalk of sugar cane- on her back as lovingly as any American child would carry a toy baby doll.

  2. Ghana Funning with bikes

    My host brother and I were just funning around, taking silly pictures.

  1. Ghana Meeting the Ambassador

    I was in Ghana in 1974-76 and was there when Shirley Temple Black was the Ambassador. I had grown up knowing that she and I have the same birthday, April 23. On our birthday, April 23, 1976 I was in the capital city, Accra and decided to see if she would meet with me ( I had met her before at a Peace Corps dinner).  I went to the American Embassy and ran the doorbell and was greeted by the Marines at the front desk.  I explained that I was a Peace Corps volunteer who had the same birthday as ...

  2. Ghana Mind Bloom

    I was teaching science in Asesewa, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, in west Africa. Asesewa was mostly isolated at that time. It had no electricity, running water, or telecommunications. I was teaching core science class. I was explaining the Copernican theory of solar systems. I explained how we lived on a planet that revolved around our sun, and that there were other suns with planets revolving around them. One of my girls, normally quite talkative, went quiet. I went on with the lesson. Se...

  3. Ghana I Am a Mere Person

    Life is sometimes an evanescent state in Ghana. John and I came back to Kumasi in 1974, after we’d been in Ghana for about a year, to find that one of my workers was very sick. I had a crew of men who helped me do a survey of the geology around the city. The man’s name was Awuni Frafra, the surname taken from the northern tribe to which he belonged. He was only 22 years old, at least a head taller than the other workers (common for people from the north) and strong and vigorous. Since he was...



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