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  1. Georgia Mother and Daughter

    Mother and daughter back-strap weave for hours a day on their porch. 

  2. Georgia Nunu and Emily

    This is me and my host mom right after we made perashki together.

  3. Georgia Rooster

    This photo embodies my pre-service training village, Kvishkheti.

  4. Georgia My Workspace

    Student presentations in the classroom.

  5. Georgia Move Please!

    Cows always are in the way.

  6. Georgia Up The Mountain I Go

    Heading to my village in the mountains.

  7. Georgia Winter Time

    Heavy snow in Georgia

  8. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for a catch!

  9. Georgia Home

    My town in the mountains

  10. Georgia Makin cha-cha

    cha-cha aka homemade vodka

  1. Georgia a merry christmas, or something like it

    This was my second Christmas in a foreign land, a land where Christmas is on an entirely different day, so the locals make nothing of it.  But to be honest, I never get into a holiday spirit anyway.  Holidays are something that I like to believe don’t really affect me, though they might affect my relations with other people and the going-ons around me.  They make for themes to parties, but they don’t give me any sense of meaning or reality, no stability of philosophy or character.  Character...

  2. Georgia A Typical Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia

    American Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia   Volunteering in a developing country for two years is probably exactly what you expect it to be -- a sparse water supply, gravel roads and an inordinate amount of farm animals.  Living in Georgia might bring out the inner hitchhiker or even the inner vegetarian in you. I wake up at six in the morning with the cocks.  At every hour of the day the cocks can be heard from any corner of my house, but they grow especially noisy at six in the morning, ju...

  3. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for something to catch.  Hopefully it's a fish.

  4. Georgia bug-schizo

    “My house is a balanced ecosystem,” I explained to my two newest couchsurfers, in-between bouts against a large tarantula like spider, using a blue nalgene water bottle as my weapon of choice.  They were two girls, traveling from Turkey through the Caucasus and back to Turkey.  While on the road, they had explained the hospitality of Caucasian men (in their instance, primarily Armenian men) and how they were near constantly being followed, honked at and groped.  They fled from there quickly b...

  1. Georgia Village Art Day

    Kids, art and community-building in Kvibisi, the small village where we spent our Pre-Service Training.

  2. Georgia Didube Bazaar

    A short walking tour through a typical Georgian bazaar. Note the ubiquitous dead chickens on a table - not something you normally see back in the States! More videos and pictures at

  3. Georgia New Year's Eve Fireworks

    An amazing fireworks display in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, ringing in 2011. Families all over town launched fireworks into the sky that they had bought from street vendors the week before. More at

  4. Georgia PST Georgia 2010

    My time during Peace Corps training.

  5. Georgia Summer fun

    Enjoying summer with my new host family and friends along with fellow volunteers.

  6. Georgia Cold Fingers

    This film is a slightly scary and comedic take on the cold winter months in my mountain-town in Georgia.  Sometimes laughter is the best remedy when your snowed in your house with no school.  My host family and I did get a kick out of the video we made during the heavy snowfall and that's why to me it was a success. 

  7. Georgia Spring Collage

    Winter has finally passed in Georgia and people are out and about enjoying the beauty of Spring and the much awaited warm weather.

  8. Georgia Host Family Fun

    Playing the "maze game" with host family and friends. 

  9. Georgia Dragging With Time

    Regardless of how many projects or activies you are involved with, time always seems to be abundant.  This is a short film about time dragging on and fighting the inevitable boredom. 

  10. Georgia World AIDS Day Initiative Group

    In Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, Peace Corps volunteers McKinze Cook, Kelley Gallagher, Kimberly Tramel and Sean Fredericks, along with EVS and Teach-and-Learn-With-Georgia volunteers, worked together to create a peer education initiative group comprised of local teenagers. These young people received a series of trainings about HIV and AIDS, then used that information to design a comprehensive campaign to increase awareness in their community. On World AIDS Day, December 1, the initiative group took...



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