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  1. Colombia Dancing in the Street

    My counterpart Gabriel, an English teacher, dancing in a parade to celebrate the independence of Cartagena, Colombia from Spain 200 years ago. 

  2. Colombia USA in the shade

    Our flag being very helpful

  3. Colombia Give a Man a Fish.Teach a Boy to Fish...

    Boys fishing on a pier on Baru Island, off of Cartagena, Colombia


    My coming to terms with Colombian culture began in earnest at Tibaitatá, the Rockefeller Foundation Experimental Farm just outside Bogotá, where my Peace Corps group underwent in-country training. People were engaging, with a certain style and grace. Facilities were basic but adequate; fresh boot-prints on the commode seat did give me pause from time to time but not enough to keep me from going about my business. Food was bland, but the big barrier was Spanish. When we arrived in Co...

  2. Colombia Thoughts on returning to Colombia

    Authors Note: Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Colombia were invited to return to Colombia in 2008 to visit their sites and to witness how Colombia was overcoming the violence and civil discord prevalent during the 1980s. This essay expresses my thoughts at that time.   Traveling back to Colombia, more than forty years later, I recall my first plane ride. It was to Peace Corps training.  Just graduated from college, the whole world was awaiting me and was mine to experience or was it?  In...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.