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  1. Cameroon Le pain H

    A typical breakfast in my village consisted of a mini-baguette filled with beans.  There were several names for this morning meal including, "Le pain H", et "Le Jazz avec le pain".

  2. Cameroon Les Boeufs

    A herd of cattle blocked the road for a few minutes, while we were returning home from visiting a remote village in the savannah

  3. Cameroon Karate Kids

    Kids in Mobe (a village I worked with on a well installation project) showing off their best karate moves

  4. Cameroon Banana Plantation

    View from within a banana and plantain plantation near my post in Bertoua

  5. Cameroon Books For Cameroon

    A proud moment when the 40-foot container carrying 23,000+ books donated by Books For Africa for the Books For Cameroon project arrived in my provinical capital.

  6. Cameroon Batié Market

    The once every 7-day traditional market in my Peace Corps village, Batié.

  7. Cameroon poisson braisée

    my favorite meal in Cameroon: poisson braisée avec batons de manioc. This was my regular fish mama in Batié.

  8. Cameroon Aunty Evelyn

    Since a month or two into my service, in addition to my usual Peace Corps projects, I've been learning to sew as an apprentice to Aunty Evelyn, one of the best seamstresses in my town, Tombel, in the South West region of Cameroon. She is a total firecracker and takes her job as one of my many Cameroonian mamas very seriously. She's been a seamstress for nearly twenty years and uses her income to support her two children, Yvette, 16, who is quite the fashionista herself, and Ngulle, 10.

  1. Cameroon Only in Africa

    This was a story that as it was happening, I just kept thinking, “only in Africa, only in Africa”.  Here’s the back-story first.  So normally the rainy season ends at the end of September or the first few weeks of October (it might rain from time to time but for the most part the dry season has started to set in), but here we are into November and it’s still raining almost every day.  As a result of this nonstop precipitation the roads are in TERRIBLE shape.  It’s gotten so bad that if it rai...

  2. Cameroon Last Day au village

    I woke up after a restful sleep around 8am, without an alarm, of course, and put on my running shoes for one last jog down my favorite path. The crisp air made for a comfortable jog. I took noticed of each house that I ran by and took in each rolling hill that I passed. I will unlikely to have a regular running path this beautiful for years to come. I waved at villagers along the way that I often see; likely the last time I would see those faces again. Returned home and heated water in...

  3. Cameroon In the Dark

    A darkness known only to those who have set eyes on a midnight sky in Africa.  A single flame from an ordinary kerosene lamp spilled dancing, tribal-like silhouettes on the walls of my living room.  The crankshaft of the shortwave radio produced a machine-like hum, but did not interfere with the French play-by-play commentary.  Huddled around the cross-section of an oak tree turned coffee table we resembled primitive people eavesdropping on the modern world.  The smell of fresh popcorn was go...

  4. Cameroon Short, Dark, Handsome Stranger

    My Peace Corps training period took place in Dang – a small village of around 80 in Cameroon’s Centre Province. Although only five people lived at my host family’s home, there was a crowd of 10-15 gathered around in our living room most evenings to watch the new American guy eat couscous de maïs (thick corn mush with a doughy consistency) and hear him attempt to communicate with his broken French and hilarious accent. As no one in my village, other than the other trainees, spoke more than two...

  5. Cameroon Out of Africa

    Sitting at Philadelphia International airport waiting for my connecting flight to St. Louis and having a hard time believing that I am finally back in the USA, after 26 months. The layover in Brussels went smoothly. I parted ways with Laura who traveled with me from Yaoundé. We grabbed a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks before boarding our respective flights. It felt very correct. I didn’t have the panic feelings that I encountered when landing in Paris last summer. This was a good sign, ...

  6. Cameroon Thing Things You Don't Realize...

    … when you have everything. Did you ever realize how dirty you get when you don’t have an actual shower? We are in the midst of dry season here and water is a more precious commodity than ever. While I am lucky and have gotten in good with neighbor kids who come to fetch water for me daily, the supply is still limited. As a result, bucket-bathing daily has become a luxury. That, and it’s really just a huge pain in the rear end. No worries, I have plentifu...

  1. Cameroon EFA International Living Positively

    In 2005, Peace Corps volunteers and their counterparts founded Education Fights AIDS (EFA) International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the successful future of HIV-infected/affected African youth through education, enterprise and empowerment. Our regional office in the Far North of Cameroon supports over 120 individuals in 9 youth groups, forming EFA's Youth Empowerment Network. Some support groups have started income generation activities, and most are affiliated with loc...

  2. Cameroon Tchabal Mbabo Singing Kids

    In February 2005, group of us spent one week traveling on foot over the hills around Tchabal Mbabo, Cameroon, to build energy-efficient cook stoves.  Each compound of several families welcomed us graciously to into their homes. After the cook stove construction, we had time to hang out with the kids.

  3. Cameroon Peace Corps Cameroon 2008-2010

    In celebration of Peace Corps' 50th anniversary, I created a 5-minute video summary of my Peace Corps experience as a Small Enterprise Developer in Cameroon. Two incredible years with memories to last a life time. For detailed chronicles of my service, please visit:



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