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  1. Bulgaria Halloween Celebration

    A girl helps her friend with her costume in preparation for a Halloween celebration.

  2. Bulgaria Halloween Costumes

    A group of youth volunteers from the town pose for a photo after the Halloween celebration.

  3. Bulgaria Honor

    A group of veterans carry flags during a celebration for philosophers in my town.

  4. Bulgaria Awarenes

    I'm discussing the significance of the an activity during a World AIDS Day celebration.

  5. Bulgaria AIDS Is Not A Game

    Two peer educators conducting an HIV/AIDS Jeopardy game during a World AIDS Day celebration.

  6. Bulgaria Merry Christmas!

    Getting ready to celebrate with their annual Christmas program, 5 kindergarteners at the Roma kindergarten in Samokov Bulgaria stop for a photo op while sporting their new Santa hats! 

  7. Bulgaria Summer Fun

    One team is trying to toss a balloon in unison in a game during a summer camp. 

  8. Bulgaria The Gauntlet

    The losing team has to accept defeat by getting blasted with leftover water balloons.

  9. Bulgaria The Struggles of the Young

    One of the boys from the center where I work attempts to carve open a pumpkin so that it can be gutted.

  10. Bulgaria Pumpkin Carving

    A boy carving a pumpkin in preparation for a Halloween celebration.

  11. Bulgaria HIV/AIDS Poster

    Two peer educators making an HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention poster for World AIDS Day.

  12. Bulgaria The Joy of Life

    Me with a group of kids from the village where I live.

  13. Bulgaria Best Friends

    They're always smiling.

  14. Bulgaria Charging with giants

    I've spent the last two years working towards the empowerment and integration of Roma youth in a small town in South-West Bulgaria. You haven't truly lived until you've seen 200 of the world's most overlooked kids get to be the center of someone's world for a few hours. This past spring, while on a humanitarian tour throughout Bulgaria, a dozen college and professional basketball players spent an afternoon in the school yard of the segregated elementary school in the Roma ghetto playing games...

  15. Bulgaria Oh No You Didn't...

    In training, my host family got a new kitten who decided she was the new dog.

  16. Bulgaria Getting Dressed

    These 12th grade boys are getting dressed for their dance performance. It was definitely a two person job. 

  17. Bulgaria Snowmen can dance?

    Who knew snowmen could dance? Or shall I say snowgirls?

  18. Bulgaria Chess

    Loved seeing the old men playing chess in the park. It was like a seen from a movie, very surreal. 

  19. Bulgaria 1st Day

    The first day of school is reason for celebration here in Bulgaria.

  20. Bulgaria Ain't No River Wide Enough

    2010 TEFL Academy in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The newest PCVs were teaching a class of 3rd Graders "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for a performance later that week.

  21. Bulgaria Confusion

    This student makes every class completely worth it because I always know what he's thinking (especially if he's understanding) based on his expression. 

  22. Bulgaria Cultural Exchange

    An American high school student from the capital city has been leading a photography interest group with my kids at the Roma middle school in town. Each child had the chance to take photos with disposable cameras as a photo assignment. Here, the American student is interviewing each child about the photos they took, and will later write an article about the kids and their creative inspiration for the biggest English news agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  23. Bulgaria High School Students Performing the Thriller Dance

    For the Halloween Party at my High School the students performed Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance.

  24. Bulgaria Christmas Dinner

    I returned to my host family's house for Christmas dinner.

  25. Bulgaria Celebratory Horo

    The Roma middle school in Samokov, Bulgaria celebrates the national culture holiday last May by dancing the Bulgarian folklore horo as a school. 

  26. Bulgaria Fun on the ice

    The local municipality donated three free 1-hour sessions on the winter ice rink to the kids at our Roma middle school in the Samokov mountains - the "Capital of White Sports"

  27. Bulgaria In house dance party

    On a stroll through the Roma Quarter/ghetto to visit some students, I was able to catch this dance party going on through someone's open kitchen door. 

  28. Bulgaria "S'more" Doesn't Translate

    On a hike this past summer, I introduced my kids to the joy of a campfire necessity - s'mores!

  29. Bulgaria Kinder Goodbyes before COS

    A special moment as the kindergarteners I've been working with for 2 years in the Roma/Gypsy neighborhood in my town pile on for one last goodbye group hug before I COS in a matter of days. 

  30. Bulgaria Trifonov Den

    Two men celebrating St. Trifon's Day in Zhitnitza, Bulgaria.

  31. Bulgaria First Day of School

    Plamena and Julien, 10th graders at Tzar Simeon Vocational High School, commemorate the first school day of the year.

  32. Bulgaria how I start my day

    I live in a small muslim mountain town in Bulgaria, these are a few on the women who I start my days with. They are all dressed in traditional dress, this is the only region in Bulgaria where the women dress like this...and mine is the only town where the majority of women still dress in this way. 

  33. Bulgaria Bori Mechkata

    This is a picture of the monument, Bori Mechkata (similar to our Paul Bunyan) where our PST group gathered for language training on sunny days.

  1. Bulgaria A Tale of Two Minorities

    Suddenly, the music began to blare.  I turned to Katia, my counterpart, for an explanation.  “All the mehani (taverns) turn into discos at midnight.”  My glass of rakia (strong Bulgarian brandy) started teetering precariously close to the edge of our table as my fellow diners leapt to their feet and onto chairs, booths and, particularly impressive in stilettos, bar stools. Welcome to Bansko, Bulgaria.  As the pre-recorded music subsided, a group of Roma musicians took command of the rest...

  2. Bulgaria The Commute Forward

    “Vasilena?” “She travels, Gospozha!” “Djunait?  He doesn’t travel, does he?” “No, he lives in town.  He should be here!” 10A and I enacted this little ritual every time I took roll call, every day for my first three months as an English teacher at Gimnazia Tzar Simeon. “Ivanka?” “She travels!” “Kristina?” “Travels!” “Lyudmila?” “Travels!” Ms. Dunn’s Professional English Class tends to fall near the first or the last class period of the day.  Ro...

  1. Bulgaria Baba Choir

      A Bulgarian Baba choir performs a wedding dance in Dobarsko part of Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad Province. This choir is in the community that Peace Corps volunteer Joe Waling lives. One of the women in the choir is Joe's host mother.        The Church of Theodore Tyro and Theodore Stratales is located in Dobarsko and dates back to at least 1614, but some claim 1122. The church is a destination for tourists and the choir performs for the visitors.      I took this low quality video with...

  2. Bulgaria Community Service Project

    Community Service Project in Kneja, Bulgaria.



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