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  1. Botswana Snack Time

    Finishing a pear.

  2. Botswana Cooking for the Wedding Feast

    My host family's yard was spiffied-up for my host sister's summer wedding.  This photo shows the cooking area -- an entire cow is in these pots!  My host father was the kgosana, or headman, of our village.  His eldest daughter's wedding was a celebration that spared no expense or nicety.  Family and friends from both near and afar joined in a massive feast and dance that lasted several days, including the preparations that led up to the actual ceremony and post-ceremony party.  Traditional fo...

  3. Botswana Duma

    My friends and I visited Mokolodi Nature Reserve outside Gabarone.  There two 16-year-old male cheetahs live; they were rescued as cubs and raised in the reserve.  They are quite mellow in their old age!

  4. Botswana Botswana Outdoor Seating

      My host family's yard was spiffied-up for my host-sister's summer wedding.  My host father was the kgosana, or headman, of our village.  His eldest daughter's wedding was a celebration that spared no expense or nicety.  Family and friends from both near and afar joined in a massive feast and dance that lasted 3 days, including the preparations that led up to the actual ceremony and post-ceremony party.   This is the seating area, constructed just for the occasion;  a blend of mud-earth and ...

  5. Botswana Mokoro

    A mokoro is a traditional wooden boat, usually steered by a person standing at one end with a pole or long stick/branch.  They are used in the Okavango Delta and wetter areas in the north of Botswana as both transportation and tourism activity.

  6. Botswana Sunset Storm

    The view from my kitchen window of sunset before a winter storm.

  7. Botswana Botswana Sunset

    Summer sunset in Eastern Botswana.

  8. Botswana Camels

    Camels in the Kgalagadi Desert! Aren't they adorable?!

  9. Botswana A hill with a view

    Overlooking a village from the top of a hill

  10. Botswana A dirt road....

    Children walking on the outskirts of town.

  11. Botswana Beer Bottle Decoration

    Some individuals and establishments are finding creative ways to reuse and recycle.  This lodge used beer bottles to decorate around plants.

  12. Botswana Rondoval

    A traditionally-built house.  Today, there are more modern concrete houses than the traditional huts in many areas of Botswana.

  13. Botswana Mopane worms

    Mopane worms are eaten throughout Botswana.  They are named for the pane tree, whose leaves they eat.  While those pictured are live; after they have been prepared, they tend to be a deep green.  They are first dried, then deep-fried in oil, then cooled.  They are sold by the baggieful and munched on by young and old, wealthy and less so.

  14. Botswana Beautiful African Sunset

    The sunset in Botswana- taken during my brief excursion to Botswana from Namibia

  15. Botswana The Crowd

    The spectators for Maun's International Horse Race included locals, PCVs, expats, and Herrero women, dressed in their full Victorian garb.  People hid under umbrellas, hats, and in the shade cast by trucks from the powerful sun.

  16. Botswana Camping Along the Okavango Delta

    Woody rides in a traditional Botswanan mokoro canoe filled with our camping gear. 

  17. Botswana Me and my counterpart

    Me and my 3rd year counterpart - Dr. William Jimbo, the PMTCT Advisor to PEPFAR

  18. Botswana Bots 3 Swearing-In Ceremony

    Bots 3 training group Swearing-In Ceremony at Kgosi Kgari Sechele II Secondary School in Molepolole, Botswana on May 25, 2005. All 27 trainees who arrived at staging in Philadelphia 10 weeks earlier made it through training and 1 year of service.

  19. Botswana Bots 3 Close of Service Conference with HE President Festus Mogae

    Bots 3 close of service conference. Dignitaries in attendance: His Excellency President Festus Mogae of Botswana, U.S. Ambassador to Botswana Katherine Canavan, and Minister of Health Prof. Sheila Tlou. March 3, 2007.

  20. Botswana Gooooooooal!

    Mosotho woman kicking a goal against Kagiso Tselametse - goal keeper for the Botswana national football team (the Zebras) in Nkange, Botswana. The event was part of a PCV created campaign "Zebras for Life, Test for Life" to promote HIV testing among men using Zebra players as role models.

  21. Botswana New Years Eve

    Celebrating New Years Eve with my friends Jes & Kelone and their extended family.

  22. Botswana Wheel barrow races

    Neighborhood kids holding wheelbarrow races in my front yard. Molepolole, Botswana

  23. Botswana Ouch!

    Documenting just one of the MANY injections we got during pre-service training.

  24. Botswana Crazy cat woman

    Showing my cat to some neighborhood boys. Yes, they totally thought I was the crazy cat woman/a witch.

  25. Botswana Young Women Empowerment Groups

    Part of a PCV created activity in 4 villages to empower young women in HIV prevention as part of the District's Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) program.

  1. Botswana Xi and I: Tales from the Kalahari

    In the semi-blockbuster movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, the protagonist, Xi, a bushman from Botswana, finds a Coca-Cola bottle in the Kalahari Desert. The bottle, dropped from a plane, is hitherto unknown to Xi and his people. As the story unfolds the mystery and newfound significance of this “gift from God” turns Xi’s uncomplicated world upside down. Separate characters appear and plotlines evolve–most affecting emotions and encounters Xi never had before–but the central theme is that the bott...

  2. Botswana Say What?!

    Anyone who has joined the Peace Corps understands what it means to be out of one’s comfort zone. It is not easy to feel vulnerable in a place that is supposed to be your home for two years. One of the contributors to fear and feeling out of place is the language barrier. Since coming to Botswana, I learned that overcoming my fears and doubts of speaking Setswana is easier than I thought. I have been in Botswana for one year and I can have a basic conversation with people, but I still can't f...

  3. Botswana Ke a Leboga (Thank you in Setswana)

    It is uncommon to hear the words "Thank you" from a Motswana. It is not because Batswana are rude people; it is because they show their gratitude in different manners other than words. My friend Mabe (Mah-bee) serves as a good example. He is the driver for our District AIDS Coordinator’s Office. Mabe is more like a brother to me today. We joke about anything and everything and he is always happy to see me every morning at the office. When I first got to Tsabong he helped me greatl...



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