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  1. Belize 2010 Swearing in

    The belize 2010-2012 swearing in class of volunteers taken May 28, 2010 in Belmopan, Belize

  2. Belize Facepaint

    Boy paints his face while painting a world map mural on the side of his school

  3. Belize Yo Creek Sunset

    Sunset of Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District of Belize

  4. Belize Princess

    Yo Creek Princess

  5. Belize Flower

    11 year old girl waiting for a cultural event to begin

  6. Belize World Map Initiative

    Teaching using world map painted on the side of the school as part of the Peace Corps World Map Initiative.

  7. Belize Reading by candle light

    Volunteer reading by candle light in the south western Toledo village of San Benito Poite, Belize

  8. Belize Antarctica is big

    boys paint world map while commenting on how big Antarctica is over and over again

  9. Belize Pig Pen

    My host brothers playing in the pig pen.

  10. Belize Dinner

    My host dad killing a pig to feed the men who helped him plant his corn.

  11. Belize Cacao Drink

    A Ketchi Maya women making the traditional Cacao drink.

  12. Belize My House

    My thatch house in a village in the Southern part of Belize. Built by a previous volunteer.

  13. Belize Host Brother

    My host brother playing around in a tree.

  14. Belize Fan Making

    A boy making a traditional fan for the school culture day.

  15. Belize Vegetables

    Vegetable stand in Placencia, Belize.

  16. Belize chocolate smiles

    belizean music students enjoying a round of birthday cupcakes to celebrate a sunny december afternoon

  17. Belize Boy in cultural clothes

    Boy dances to cultural Maya song

  18. Belize Jumpstart

    For my secondary project, I taught preschool English to 4 and 5 year old Spanish-speaking children to prepare them for starting school in an English-speaking school system in Belize. I snapped this photo as they were listening to a tape recording of themselves singing or talking. I found that the kids enjoyed singing songs and talking into the recorder as a way to improve their English.

  19. Belize Art projects

    I worked on a Jumpstart English program, with the goal of teaching preschool english to youth in my village. I collaborated with other volunteers and I took on the task of organizing art projects for the kids. I enjoyed coming up with new ideas and then seeing the kids experiement with the supplies I provided. In this particular project, we were trying out different stamping and printmaking supplies using tempera paint. I couldn't resist trying out a few things, too!

  20. Belize My Kitchen

    I loved my li wooden casita in the village of Cristo Rey. I did a lot of chores in that sink, overlooking the yard of my neighbors who owned the casita. I could throw food scraps to the chickens from that window as I washed dishes, catch a breeze from the Mayan Mountains as I scrubbed my clothes or spy a Toucan flying by as I brushed my teeth.

  21. Belize Father and Son

    This Rasta family lived next to a freind of mine on Caye Caulker. I asked the father if he'd let me take a piture of his son - he agreed but didn't want to look into the lense. The baby was so cute, he'd just come out of the bath. Years later someone saw this on my flickr account - turned out to be the child's aunt - she was delighted.

  22. Belize puzzling

    in the Belizean village of San Jose Palmar, a soon-to-be preschool student tinkers with one of many puzzles while his mother looks on

  23. Belize puppy love

    in a rare moment of stillness, my host sister cuddles her new puppy

  24. Belize Christmas party

    This is the preschool, infant 1 and Infant 2 Christmas party. 

  25. Belize Iguana Hunters

    Hanging out with the neighborhood boys after they hunted Iguana for their dinner.  (Dangriga, Belize)

  26. Belize I adore my students!

    Ismael is toooo adorable. Every morning he comes running to me saying, "Miss! Miss! Gud maning Miss! I pick you a flowa!" (and proceeds to give me a flower.) Today he said, "Miss, ah wan a jress to wear lik u, an a pretti jewls!"

  27. Belize Fun with my Host Brother

    Riding bikes around Dangriga, Belize with my host brother and Heather, another PCV.  

  28. Belize hanging out

    Kriol BBQ 

  29. Belize My host brother!

    Having fun with my host brother, Kerkland. 

  30. Belize Amber

    One of my students, Amber.  The beauty of her spirit is reflected in her eyes. :)  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  31. Belize Village living

    A typical Sunday afternoon in the village.  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  32. Belize Men's Yoga Class

    The men were jealous that I do Yoga class for the women, so I started a Men's Yoga Class after they play football.  Namaste! (Monkey River Village, Belize.) 

  33. Belize babies!

    Babysitting Baby Elton for the day.

  34. Belize Global Handwashing Day

    October 15, 2009 Global Handwashing Day at Progreso RC School PCV with Infant I and Infant II students talking about the importance of washing hands with clean water and soap while singing the handwashing song.

  1. Belize Days Like This-Peace Corps Belize

    Collection of video clips from our life in Belize.

  2. Belize OW Chess Extravaganza

    An advertisement made for an event put on by Peace Corps volunteers Kevin Frasure and Coy Thompson in Belize. 

  3. Belize Meet me at the River

    This is a video documenting a normal day washing at Silver Creek in the Toledo District of Belize.  After serving two years my husband suggested we record my creek time because that is the thing I will miss the most when we finish our service in October of 2011. 



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