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  1. Armenia wedding BBQ

    The day of my host sisters wedding before the church vows, BBQ. YUM!

  2. Armenia generation to generation

    Host family: great grandmothers and grandchildren together for dinner.

  3. Armenia summer days

    Taking a rest in the shade from the hot summer day

  4. Armenia helping hands

    Team of local volunteers cleaning up one of the main streets in the city of Gyumri

  5. Armenia project presentations

    Youth development project camp, the BRO camp was just getting started.

  6. Armenia Host mother

    Posing with my host mother, Gohar, on the couch in her Armenian apartment.

  7. Armenia Wedding Party

    Part of a wedding ritual for an Armenian couple. The groom's family welcomes the bride's arrival with dancing and gifts, and shows off the live chicken gifted from the bride's family.

  8. Armenia Toasting an Engagement

    Making a vodka toast at my host cousin's engagement party. Engagements are a very public event in Armenia, and shared with the entirety of the bride and groom's families. Along with toasting to their future, the groom formally proposes to the bride at this party.

  9. Armenia It's What's For Dinner

    I came home surprised one night to find my host mother had purchased two whole pigs - but first, we had to prepare the heads!

  1. Armenia Wolf Story

    Verbatim conservation about wolves dictated by Will Dickinson. Sometime during the winter that never seemed to end 05’. Dusk I am walking home…..  Thinking: Just finished a marathon language class. My head is about to explode. Of course I need a walk. Why I am studying this language? How is this going to help me in the future?   Continues to the open plains around Jermuk inhabited by wolves and bears.   Lost in his thoughts he forgets to watch where he is going avoid a hash(sp?) party.   1st...



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