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  1. Zambia Pensive orphan

    This boy was very quiet and didn't talk as much as the other children at the school for OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children).  Instead he just squatted down in the dust and contemplated his late afternoon shadow.

  2. Zambia Marumba Market

    Marumba Market in Livingstone is where locals gather to buy and sell everything -- fruit and vegetables, dried fish, oil, cloth, clothing, bicycles, soaps, games, brooms, hardware, ....

  3. Zambia Zambian flower

    A beautiful flower found at the backdrop of Victoria Falls, Zambia: one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  4. Zambia Reading Together

    This is one of my friends from the village and his young companion.  This young boy took such good care of his blind friend.  They would come over and read to me from his braille Bible.

  5. Zambia Delilah's New Friend

    Delilah my cat looking at my newborn goat Chaco.  They were fascinated by each other.  

  6. Zambia African Skies

    The most beautiful rainbow of my life.  

  7. Zambia Seka

    Laughing children were the highlight of my time in the village.

  8. Zambia Take me for a ride...

    My best friends litte girl, Theresa, hanging out with me as I fix my bike

  9. Zambia rainbow over victoria falls

    This is a rainbow over victoria falls. circa 1992

  10. Zambia mushroom gatherers

    This photo was taken during my Peace Corps service in Zambia (2003-2005) at Lake Chibesha, in the Mwinilunga District of Northwestern Province. These women emerged silently from the bush, carrying basins overflowing with mushrooms.

  11. Zambia circle of love

    three of my favorite little people caught in a moment of love.

  12. Zambia the art of sharing

    one coloring book and endless possibilities

  13. Zambia cheese!

    this amazing smile helped me through so many days...

  14. Zambia reflections


  15. Zambia resilience

    a woman carrying goods into the solwezi market

  16. Zambia sokola hip

    this preschool aged girl demonstrates impeccable mastery of the precise hip movements which define the cultural dancing in zambia.

  17. Zambia beautiful grasshopper

    a fellow volunteer and i found this amazing grasshopper outside of my hut one day. the neighbors warned us to beware because it excretes an oil that would make us "drunk".

  1. Zambia That and How.

    Someday, when this journey is over, we will sit together. Perhaps we will be cupping steaming mugs, perhaps we will be stabbing salads, perhaps we will driving to and fro. Because that is what one does when one is young and lives on an island. And we will be talking. Of boyfriends, of other friends, of awful bosses, of the more awful lack thereof. Because that is what one talks about when one is young and lives on an island. And then you will ask me of Africa. And I will tell you certa...

  2. Zambia Weaving Reed Mats

    When I first got to my Peace Corps village, I made friends with the oldest and most crotchety man in the village.  I made friends with him because he wove these beautiful reed mats and I wanted to learn how to make them.  At that point in my service, I didn't know that only men who were "retired" (old enough to do nothing else) wove these reed mats.  My language skills were rudimentary and he spoke no English.  I figured this would be a good way to improve my language skills and lea...

  3. Zambia The toughest job I’ve ever loved

    I spent my first two years in Zambia as a Community Health Educator in a catchment area of over 4,000 people from 35 different villages. My job basically consisted of working with counterparts at the area clinic and with seven Neighborhood Health Committees, each made up of about 15 people from different zones in the catchment area. I assisted in forming the committees and then trained three of them in basic health care (malaria, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, child health and nutrition, ...

  4. Zambia Integration

    Integrating into my area required a huge deal of patience, understanding, respect and most importantly, humor. It was an everyday, every minute activity. For the first few weeks… ok, months… ok, it never really ended… I got pointed at, laughed at, talked about and questioned (You’re 23, single and don’t have kids? Will you marry me and have my kids? Do you have rice in America? What does your hair feel like? How do you dance in America? What church do you go to? Will you give me your money,...

  5. Zambia It takes a village to raise a muzungu

    I met some of the most amazing people during my time in Zambia. Despite the difficulties I may have faced when I first arrived, it was really the people I surrounded myself with that made my experience what it was. Zambians are known for their hospitality and I was lucky enough to be a recipient of this. Every place I visited, I had people coming to greet me and wanting to show me the real Zambia. They offered me food to eat, places to sleep, treats from their gardens, and most notably, last...



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