1. Namibia Dune 7

    In this photo, atop Dune 7 in the Namib Desert, which is one of the world's tallest sandunes, a few volunteers proudly wave the American flag in what is reminescient to the infamous photo from Iwa Jima.

  2. Fiji Aid

      Kelly and I were in Suva to assist with training the FRE-8s (Fiji Re-Entry #8 since coup #1) and decided to check out the movie Prince of Persia. I typically try and avoid the movie theater as it is prime territory for personal space invaders. This time was no exception. Behind us sat five young men most likely in their 20’s. During the entire movie they tap danced on the back of our seats, made jokes at all the sexual references or shots of women scantly clad, and snickered every time a ch...

  3. Bulgaria "S'more" Doesn't Translate

    On a hike this past summer, I introduced my kids to the joy of a campfire necessity - s'mores!

  4. Turkey Vermont Saw Mill

    This was running of longest-running water powered sawmill in Vermont that was retored by Turkey V PCVs in 1964 during training.  I revisited Calais, Vermont site in 2009.  Restoration has been written up in Boston Globe, among other newspapers.

  5. Ecuador In the Shadows

    Throughout time, many of the most creative and intellectual minds have done their best in the shadows.  Some never garner recognition for their talents.  This handicraft workshop is hardly known outside of its own community, but the artists there make the most exquisite works!

  6. Ecuador Still.

    The water in the high-altitude 'Paramo' ecosystem is so still it acts like a mirror beneath a dazzling tree.

  7. Guyana Bucking Bronco

    Cattle wrangling is a huge part of the Rupununi Savannah.  To highlight some of the talents of the vaqueiro or cowboy, a Rodeo is held every Easter.   These events usually hold horse riding, bull riding, and also rope technique. This event also shows how popular US culture has carried over into my area.

  8. Malawi sunset over Lake Malawi

    This is a sunset scene over Lake Malawi from Cape MacClear.

  9. Dominican Republic Bahoruco Beach

    My site, Bahoruco, while in the Dominican Republic, was located in the Southwestern part of the country on the Caribbean Sea. Fishing was one of the main job sources for the community.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.