1. Senegal Easter Egg Tutorial

    On Easter Sunday, I shared some holiday traditions with my Senegalese Girls Club.  We dyed Easter eggs and made "cascarones" (a Mexican Easter tradition of filling colored eggs with confetti, or in our case, millet, and using these to crack on someone's head.)  In this video, the girls are explaining what they learned in their native language, Wolof.

  2. Brazil Apodi, Rio Gande do Norte

    May 1976

  3. East Timor Knock Knock.

      Today my Alim Cansio had a bunch of friends roughly our age over.  They had two big containers of palm wine.  Cansio killed a chicken and tossed onto the coals of a fire feathers and all.  It cooked quickly and dried out.  Soon we were breaking off delicious stringy meat and drinking. The day was too hot for drink and soon I was loopy.  Cansio’s friends kept quizzing me about life in America.  I scrolled through my foggy mind for something interesting and decided to explain knock knock jok...

  4. Botswana Ke a Leboga (Thank you in Setswana)

    It is uncommon to hear the words "Thank you" from a Motswana. It is not because Batswana are rude people; it is because they show their gratitude in different manners other than words. My friend Mabe (Mah-bee) serves as a good example. He is the driver for our District AIDS Coordinator’s Office. Mabe is more like a brother to me today. We joke about anything and everything and he is always happy to see me every morning at the office. When I first got to Tsabong he helped me greatl...

  5. Zambia Marumba Market

    Marumba Market in Livingstone is where locals gather to buy and sell everything -- fruit and vegetables, dried fish, oil, cloth, clothing, bicycles, soaps, games, brooms, hardware, ....

  6. Botswana The Crowd

    The spectators for Maun's International Horse Race included locals, PCVs, expats, and Herrero women, dressed in their full Victorian garb.  People hid under umbrellas, hats, and in the shade cast by trucks from the powerful sun.

  7. Mozambique Newly elected Pres. Obama!

    Travelling home via Zanzibar Island, after my service, I got a glimpse into another countries reaction to President Obama being elected.  In Mozambique they were fast printing fabric with his face on hit that the woman wrap around themselves like skirts. 

  8. Honduras Tu Bandera

    WWSP Kinder class in Orocuina, Honduras sings national anthem 'Tu Bandera' of Honduras to share with WWSP Kinder class in Garner, North Carolina.

  9. Botswana Beer Bottle Decoration

    Some individuals and establishments are finding creative ways to reuse and recycle.  This lodge used beer bottles to decorate around plants.

  10. Botswana Rondoval

    A traditionally-built house.  Today, there are more modern concrete houses than the traditional huts in many areas of Botswana.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.