1. Paraguay Rooftop

    Sitting on top of the newly erected frame for my house. Wood, nails, wire, some string, rope, a hammer, crosscut saw, sweat, bamboo, and straw were the only ingredients. Six of the neighbors had the one-room mansion up in 2 days!

  2. Senegal Rose Colored Glasses

    I taught the kids in my compound (and my chef du village father and everyone else...) how to use their hands to make a pair of eye glasses, the way I did as a child.  Hours and DAYS of enjoyment, laughter, and cultural exchange! Then we danced the Macarena...

  3. Micronesia Western Islanders Sailing Canoe

    Western Islanders in Chuuk sailed to Udot during our training program to meet future Volunteers assigned to their islands.

  4. Morocco Host Country: Peace Corps

    The cross-cultural exchange.  The foreign sea of oddity.  The languages, late nights, loneliness, thrills, aches and pure, heartwrenching love we all felt.  Those intensified emotions that only Peace Corps volunteers recognize in one another.  Give it a day, a week, a year...eventually, we know.  We all know.  We are a one of a kind community of wanderers.  A society of individuals built on the mutual understanding that the world can and will change if a few dedicated persons are willing to o...

  5. Morocco Remember when...

    You were scared to not get gifts from Santa if you were bad?  Yeah, well, Morocco (in the deep Southern Region) stepped that up a notch.  Moroccan kids were scared by Goat Man if they misbehaved.  After Eid, Moroccans dressed in goat skins to frighten little kids straight.  Worked for me.  Credit to Mark Smith!

  6. Morocco Wall

    Memories of booda tanks and half painted walls...

  7. Morocco Painting Houses

    A fellow volunteer's host mom painting her house deep Tazekka Mountain style.  Credit to Andrew Cyr/Bobbi Sandwich

  8. Morocco Habiba

    My best friend in my village taught me more about what it was to be 'tough' than any other person I've met.  She was making a fire to bake some bread in her clay oven.

  9. Zambia Integration

    Integrating into my area required a huge deal of patience, understanding, respect and most importantly, humor. It was an everyday, every minute activity. For the first few weeks… ok, months… ok, it never really ended… I got pointed at, laughed at, talked about and questioned (You’re 23, single and don’t have kids? Will you marry me and have my kids? Do you have rice in America? What does your hair feel like? How do you dance in America? What church do you go to? Will you give me your money,...

  10. Senegal The Queer Quiz

    One of my proudest achievements in service, thus far, did not include attempts to end malaria, to promote nutrition for small children, or even to introduce an alternative fuel source.  No, instead, my moment of glory came in the administration of a quiz---a "queer quiz", to be exact. At the tail end June, Gay Pride Month in America, five other volunteers joined me at the Thiès Training Center to deliver a day-long seminar on sexual orientation and alternative lifestyles.  Our targ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.