1. St. Kitts and Nevis 180 degree turn

    From the NBA to the ICC, from sushi to yucky cookup, from driving through 5 lane highways to reckless buses and uphill hikes home, from chilly nights wrapped in blankets to multiple cold showers and fans. But oddly enough, the things I thought I missed the most about home, I missed while I was there. I rubbed my feet back and forth through the soft carpet, blasted MY music in the car while driving, drank endless amounts of milk and OJ, and took long hot showers. But when its out of sig...

  2. Togo Habiye in Affem Kabye, Togo

    Habiye is the male coming of age ceremony that takes place every five years during which 'generations' of boys become men in the eyes of their family and friends. Some of the events include dancing wearing hats made of home-made baskets covered with cow dung and decorated with goat hair; wrestling; chasing down a dog, slaughtering it, cooking it and eating it; and learning to be a Kabiye man.

  3. Togo La pesee

    Baby weighing at the Affem Kabye health hut in the Tchamba prefecture, Central Region, Togo. We'd place the baby in a 'pagne' suspended from the Salter scale. Typically the babies would scream bloody murder so we were especially appreciative of baby boy Atchala's behavior and temperament during the weighing. As was usually the case, other kids would look on

  4. Malawi carlsberg beer in malawi

    circa 1992. carlsberg beer distribution center Malawi.

  5. Malawi favorite tailor

    This was my favorite tailor in Malawi 1992.

  6. Malawi my host family in Malawi

    This was my host family in Malawi circa 1992.

  7. Malawi the lorry transport

    This was standard transportation in Malawi circa 1992. Hard to fathom when coming from a land of one car per person in the USA.

  8. Malawi gotta be happy with a bike!

    Bicycling in Malawi is the main mode of transportation. This fellow was having a jolly good time.

  9. Malawi child reading

    This is a picture of a young child reading in my village in Malawi. circa 1992. We are all born somewhere and must find a way to learn wherever we are.

  10. Mongolia Moving Day

    Mongolians are nomadic herders, I caught this photo as a family was moving from their summer site to their winter site.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.