1. Malawi monkey see monkey do

    On Lake Malawi, there was a place called Cape McClear. On this Cape, there is a place called Monkey Bay. I would escape from work and go stay in a hut to watch the beautiful sunsets. The locals would make me pancakes and bananas for breakfast. The monkeys would come and grab the banana peels, grab the fruit out of the tourists hands. and play on the steps. They saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke no evil.

  2. Micronesia Dengue Fever in Micronesia, 1974

    Dengue Fever in Micronesia, 1974   Letter from Karen Knudsen to her mother describing husband Greg Knudsen’s bout with dengue fever during their Peace Corps service as teachers in Truk (Chuuk), Micronesia, in 1974. Karen later came down with the fever, too.   November 10, 1974 Dear Mom,             Boy, I hope you never get a letter as miserable as this from me again. Right now everything is so bad! Things are just falling apart.             The major issue at hand is “sicknesses!” Peace Corp...

  3. Armenia It's What's For Dinner

    I came home surprised one night to find my host mother had purchased two whole pigs - but first, we had to prepare the heads!

  4. Senegal Getting a Little Perspective

    The great baobab trees of Senegal are a good reminder of just how old Africa is.

  5. Senegal Little Pulaar Girl

    A little Pulaar Girl poses for a photo in traditional garb.

  6. Namibia I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

    According to the United States government I am officially a Peace Corps volunteer.  I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into for the next two years. The swearing in ceremony included the expected speeches from the Peace Corps Country Director, the Namibian Health Minister, and the U.S. Ambassador.  I understand Obama was planning to officiate but Air Force One was delayed.  Bummer.  I know he really wanted to be there to see us get sworn in. Soon it would be my moment t...

  7. Macedonia Can you spare a square?

    During the first few days of our Pre-Service Training a few of us got together for a much needed pizza break.  I quickly became friends with another PCV, a CA woman who was older and wiser than myself,  except in one area...the Macedonian bathroom (or the hole-you-pee-in room).  We went to the ladies room together and I did my buisness, but I heard a not-so-soft gasp coming from the other stall.  I finished and came out to see her doing the bathroom jig in her long, flowing skirt. 'What?!  Ho...

  8. Ukraine Meeting My Host Family

      Within my first six months in Ukraine I lived with threedifferent host families. They were all great and really helped me to get adjusted to life in Ukraine. However that doesn't mean it was always easy to live with them, often it wasn't. I particularly remember when I got to my training site of Rokytne; a town of 15,000 people, three hours south of Kyiv; I was unsure if I'd be able to handle living with my first host family. There was my first impression of four members of that family...

  9. Ukraine At Work

    This is me at the University where I taught with two of my students.  For awhile I had the idea that I would let my hair grow long while I was in the Peace Corps, this photo was taken shortly before I decided that was a bad idea.

  10. China Matriarch

    A woman from the Naxi minority in Yunnan province. Today, many Naxi continue to wear the traditional dress.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.