1. Vanuatu Pikinini blong Pentecost

    My Peace Corps experience would have been great without the little ones in this video, but they made it AMAZING! I was a youth development volunteer in the village of Abwatuntora, on the island of Pentecost. Mina, Aniva, Matai and Josep lived with me on a peninsula called Lapawariri. When I took this video, I had just started learning Raga, the language of north Pentecost, so my Bislama suffered a bit. You can hear them speaking Raga behind the camera, which I had to hold, because they wouldn...

  2. Morocco The Tannery

    Medina Qadima Fez

  3. Morocco Reflections on Interdependence

    A few days ago I came home from my morning English class and cafe sitting time to a stream of water coming out of the spout connected to the roof. Hearing my knock, my 15-year-old host sister, Khaoula, stuck her head over the edge and told me to come up. I'm not usually invited up to the roof as this is normally the women's domain. I was greeted on the top step by a splash of water to the face and a happy family working together. The entire family was watching the man of the house, Hassan,...

  4. Malawi Matola Adventure Pt. 1

    This was my main mode of transportation when I was in Peace Corps Malawi (06-08) to travel from the village of Kapoka to Misuku where I lived (Chitipa district, bordering Tanzania). It was about a 45-minute ride up winding hills on a dirt road which turned into the red sea during the rainy season. A fun adventure nonetheless!

  5. Morocco A Chanukah Story

    Disclaimer: I'm an American who happens to be Jewish. I served in a Muslim country and concealed my religious identity for the entirety of my Peace Corps service. The only people who knew about my background were the wonderful staff of Peace Corps Morocco, 90% of whom were both Moroccan and Muslim. Even my host family and close friends in Morocco still do not know about my Jewish heritage. While it did add another level of difficulty to my service, I did not want to needlessly complicat...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.