1. Macedonia The Bus....

    September 19, 2010 It was my third week of “practicum” meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays and I was traveling for the fifth time alone by bus to Kumanovo.  I walked farther down the lane than normal to a bus stop that was (to my knowledge at the time) visited by two alternative bus routes, thus increasing my chance of catching a ride to town.  After waiting only a few minutes, and much to my delight, a very large bus barreled down around the corner and glided to a stop. The doors smacked o...

  2. Ethiopia Watching Obama's Inauguration

    Singing the American national anthem with some friends while watching President Obama's Inauguration televised at a local bar.

  3. Uganda Circumcision Ceremony

    In eastern Uganda, the tribe of Mt. Elgon, the Bamasaaba or Bagisu, circumcise their teenage boys as initiation into manhood. The ceremonies occur every two years and are marked by vigorous dancing.

  4. Belize Reading by candle light

    Volunteer reading by candle light in the south western Toledo village of San Benito Poite, Belize

  5. Belize Princess

    Yo Creek Princess

  6. Belize Boy in cultural clothes

    Boy dances to cultural Maya song

  7. Mali Integration

    My friend, PCV Arwen Wolfe, is a wonderful Volunteer.  We were on vacation in Mali, hiking in Dogon country, when we met a family who were so delighted she knew how to tie a baby wrap, they asked her to carry him around all morning!

  8. Senegal Shopping

    Visiting my favorite vegetable seller in the weekly market.  Some neighbor ladies sent me to buy twig brooms, as well.

  9. Honduras pila window

    Here the family's pila becomes a window to the clothes on the line, the vegetable garden, the countryside.      

  10. Guatemala The First Floor

    This is the first of many cement floors that we built. Most rural Guatemalans live inhouses with dirt floors

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.