1. Madagascar Street Child with Child

    One of the street children in my town.

  2. Madagascar Nosy Ve

    Sailing to nosy ve in a dug out canoe

  3. Madagascar Hitching a ride in Madagascar

    A fellow volunteer and I hitching a ride in the countryside.

  4. Togo Building wells

    We built 3 hang-dug wells in Kouloumi with the help of Peace Corps Parnerships funds

  5. Togo With health volunteers at Kouloumi Dispensaire

    Outside our village health clinic with volunteers trained to do family planning talks

  6. Bulgaria Christmas Dinner

    I returned to my host family's house for Christmas dinner.

  7. Malawi Third World Super Women

    You haven’t seen a silent strength like this beforeThe long hours of physical labor“women’s work”I wonder if their necks aren’t made of steel orTheir hands of thick, soft kevlar.I’ve seen these women accomplish impossible featscarrying so much water atop their heads, a friend must help to hoist it up there.I’ve seen them grab angry, red coals with bare handsand hold the edges of cooking pots with no complaintsThese women come complete with night-visionas they walk calmly with ease besidemy st...

  8. Guatemala Guatemala, old and new

    This photo was taken while on a walk with my host mom to her coffee farm. I think it portrays Guatemala as it is now: a mix of old and new, wherever one looks.

  9. Ecuador Group Hug

    Hanging out with the preschoolers at the Centro de Infantil after a health charla in Paquiestancia - Ecuador

  10. Zambia Weaving Reed Mats

    When I first got to my Peace Corps village, I made friends with the oldest and most crotchety man in the village.  I made friends with him because he wove these beautiful reed mats and I wanted to learn how to make them.  At that point in my service, I didn't know that only men who were "retired" (old enough to do nothing else) wove these reed mats.  My language skills were rudimentary and he spoke no English.  I figured this would be a good way to improve my language skills and lea...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.